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I Love Writing Prompts and All of the Stories They Spawn

Britni Pepper at Medium quoted me in her story about her secret mantra that she uses to bring her calm and bliss. I wrote my story, “My Mantra is Love,” in response to a Sherry McQuinn writing prompt about her recent mantra, “I Can’t Catch a Break” during these trying times. Before I read Britni’s story, I read P.G. Barrett’s story about his mantra, “Write Something Seems to be the Only Mantra Working for me These Days.

I will have to take a look to see what other people have written in response to Sherri’s writing prompt.

When I was reading Britni’s story, I was happy to she that she had quoted me. It is like seeing my name in a byline on Medium or my blog. It still brings joy after all these years of when I felt the joy of seeing my name in my high school’s student newspaper.

Here’s the quote that Britni shared in her story and that made me smile seeing it again:

When I think of love, it makes me think of the warmth from the sun or the feeling I get taking a walk before the sun goes down and there is a refreshing breeze. — Chris Hedges

My Mantra is a Secret,” Britni Pepper

I’ll repeat my mantra here: Love to all of you and thanks for reading!


  1. Britni Pepper Britni Pepper July 16, 2020

    I loved what you said about love, Chris!

    Love is happiness and bliss and truth and light.

    Of course, as you pointed out, one may feel all those things for another person in a deep relationship, but love is bigger and deeper than that, and you expressed it beautifully. I wish I could write a Medium story centred around every piece of wisdom I find, but if I stick with the very best, I cannot go wrong.

    Thanks for sharing your feelings. It has brought a lovely glow to my morning. We are back in lockdown again, here in Melbourne, and the land is full of gloom.

    • Chris Chris Post author | July 16, 2020

      I am glad you stopped by!

      I hope things clear up in Melbourne soon. I am ready for a vaccine to be ready.

      I’m staying in my bubble even though we aren’t locked down right now.

      Stay safe!

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