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Love and the Moon have been my muses this week

A weekly reader roundup of sultry love and sensual erotica

I wrote some great love and erotica short stories this week.

Love Under A Full Moon
A poem of love, connection and sensuality

Embrace the Universe’s Love
Feel it course through your soul

Love Under The Moon
I love you so, beautiful

Sex Cult Summer
It was reading, writing and uninhibited group sex

Meandering By The Canal
Love Poems Just For You

Violet Finds Lasting Love
How a chance meeting changed Violet’s life

Love, Lust and Desire
I love it when you fill me with your passion

Unicorn Lover
Cheryl said “hi” and changed my life forever

Publisher’s Spotlight Updates and Expansion

I have been writing a lot of love poetry lately. Which has been enjoyable. I wrote some longer stories earlier in the week and have been writing some shorter ones today. I feel more inspired to write the short life scenes.

Yesterday, I worked on building a new Publisher’s Spotlight 2.0 site using a smaller set up than the original Publisher’s Spotlight 1.0. The new Publisher’s Spotlight 2.0 allows blogging from the front end, while Publisher’s Spotlight 1.0 automatically posts the results of a filled out form.

Publisher’s Spotlight 2.0 should allow for more creativity, while Publisher’s Spotlight 1.0 provides a nicely guided experience. I am planning on submitting to both, as well as

My goal will be to reach into the back catalog and revive my evergreen content. I enjoy reading it again, so it deserves to be seen new people who didn’t see it the first time around.

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