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Making Money Writing Advice Reminds Me Of Multi-Level Marketing

When people promise making great sums of money writing, or marketing, or advertising, I know there are some getting rich.

Back in the old days when people I knew were young and first exposed to multilevel marketing, there was a lot of similar motivational marketing to get people excited. If you study this particular tape back in the old day, you would unlock the secrets of being a wealthy MLM member.

The same thing happens today with stories about making enormous amounts of money writing for certain platforms.

If you do X, Y, and Z, you will be successful. If that doesn’t work, buy this or that program or course.

When I see this advice everywhere, but 95% of writers are still making less than $100 per month, it means there are a few authors getting a lot of money while the supermajority aren’t.

I can’t complain. I make way more than my monthly fee, but I am not close the the $100 mark either.

Just take earning stories with a grain of salt.

Some people make a ton of money. Most don’t. Maybe after a while, earnings will rise. But, not everyone can be in the top 5%. Not unless something changes to widen the distribution of earnings.

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