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Interacting More Raises My Medium Revenue

By Chris Hedges

Earlier this month, I noticed my Medium earnings weren’t on the same trajectory they had been earlier this year. Every month, my revenue was increasing slowly, but surely to the point where I might be able to reach into the top 5% and earn $100 or more per month from my articles.

This month, I am about half-way there. Last month, I was about 75% there. My revenue has gone down in July.

I took a hard look to see what the difference was that made my revenue fall. I reviewed my writing time–I wrote less and shorter stories. I also reviewed my reading time–it had also fallen. There are several reasons for these changes. The Fourth of July holiday meant I spent more time inside my bubble with my family. My ex was off from work, so she and our son ran around doing family things.

I was also drafted into helping my ex with some projects around her house. Doing household projects is her way to relax, so if I was going to be able to relax, I’d either have to go back to my apartment, or help her out. I decided to help out and then hang out after ward.

That meant I didn’t read as much and write as much.

It makes a difference.

I have been writing more toward the end of this month and I can see the effects. I am not in the running to be in the 5%, but if I had been going at it harder earlier in the month, I could have been a contender.

Right now, I am writing to gain experience and develop my skills. I am hoping to get a “viral” story one of these days, but I’m happy to put the effort in now to hone my skills and also to market my older stories. I have also been writing more outside of Medium and linking back. That helps with marketing older content and is something that is easy to do.

And, I love reading, so instead of watching television or movies, I read and comment instead.

I get to read a lot of great works and I’m glad for everyone who takes time to write!

Lots of love to everyone.

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