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I Have Been Digging Solange’s “Cranes in the Sky”

Solange, “Cranes in the Sky.” YouTube video.

This makes me think of Japan.

Maybe it is the vision of cranes.

Or, certain elements in the music sound Asian.

I picked up on the lyrics unconsciously.

Solange sings about depression and trying to do things to make her depression go away.

Like moving, reading, sexing, buying.

All of the things our modern society tells us will make us feel better.

Of course, consuming never helps because we are still empty after the drinking or buying or sexing is done.

What I have found is the key to happiness is self-love.

I can be happy when I love myself.

I don’t need externalities.

It is empowering to love myself.

It let’s me fully love you too.

What Happens When I Skip A YouTube Ad?

Image by TréVoy Kelly from Pixabay 

I have been getting huge 1/2 hour to 2 hour long ads when watching YouTube. I used to watch ads if they weren’t too long because I wanted to help creators. Now, if I get a 2 hour long political ad from some overseas group that has an agenda that I’m not necessarily interested in learning about, I hit skip.

Does that impact the creator very much when I skip the super-long ad?

Does it teach YouTube to stop showing me those ads?

These are the two YouTube ad questions that I always consider when hitting the skip button.

Part of me wouldn’t mind letting the ad run to burn up the advertiser’s budget, but my time is valuable also and I don’t want to waste time (even if I am not watching and taking a walk around the block to let it play). When I want to watch a video, I want to watch it within a reasonable time.

I fully appreciate advertising and want creators and platforms to make money, but, time is limited and I’m not watching a weird ad for more than a minute or two and that is to just support the creator whose video follows.

Be Proud and Show Off Your Body Like Belle Delphine

Be like Belle Delphine and showcase your sexy

Belle Delphine announces her OnlyFan’s page on YouTube in a sexy hot video.

I write about the topic of exhibitionism in a post over on Medium:

Be Proud of Your Body and Show It Off

So, if you want to join in with other creatives showing their beauty to people willing to pay for subscriptions, or if you just want to make artwork for a smaller audience, or you just want to celebrate your sexy wonderfulness, I say embrace it fully and enjoy yourself, even if you only share your images with your significant other or just yourself.

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