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Chris Hedges: Love to the World & Some Great New Creations For You

My web creations

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Chris Hedges on Medium

Image by Annalise Batista from Pixabay

Unicorn News: My place for news about my writing, ideas and dreams.

TS Unicorn: I’m writing erotic poems and short stories on TS Unicorn. It is the cozy place for lovely, sensual, and exciting writing to reside. Join me there and cuddle up for some hot reading.

Updated August 6, 2020


Nude woman watercolor painting classic style
Image by bertrand71 from Pixabay

My goal with the Publisher’s Spotlight family of sites is to increase views of our work on Medium by producing great content that is valuable to readers. This will bring in new readers for our work and help spread the impact of our works.

Medium publications you need to read!

Red Curtain Erotica: Examine pleasure and lust behind the red curtain with the best erotica online.

The Bad Influence: A publication that will change the world. You need to be reading it!

ILLUMINATION: A fast-growing publication with over 2,000 writers and 19,000+ readers. This is the place to learn about about life, business, and anything else happening in our world.

Image by Annalise Batista from Pixabay
Image by Annalise Batista from Pixabay 

I love this video animation software

The Bad Influence | Creativity Incites Change | video by Chris Hedges
Unicorn News promo video: Made with Viddyoze.

Viddyoze video animation software:

I used to be afraid of making videos. I wasn’t used to communicating using video. While I was used to taking still pictures — I had my first Kodak Instamatic when I was a kid — it took me a long time to try my hand at video making. I tried it in high school when I took a video making class using VHS tapes and a huge camera and recording system. That might have been the thing that scared me away from videos. I thought it took a lot of work and effort to make things look nice.

Computers and software have changed everything. And, I shoot with my cell phone or download stock footage, so it is a lot easier these days. I often edit video on my cell phone because it is easy and fast. My phone is probably as powerful as my computer. (Maybe, I need to buy a new laptop one of these days).

Here’s the information about Viddyoze that you’ll want if you are into making video animations for transitions and other video productions. I love having the animations to use along with InShot to make pretty awesome videos.

From Viddyoze:

Breathtaking Animations In 3 Clicks With The World’s Easiest Full-Auto Video Animation Software!

Studio-Grade Intros, Outros, CTAs, Logo Stings, Social Actions, And Pure Live Action Magic… All Done In The Cloud, So You Can Create From Anywhere.

The ONLY fully-automated video animation maker for marketers and businesses.

Access Over 170+ Professional Templates!

Say goodbye to expensive contractors and unreliable freelancers.

Get high-class, professional animations in just 3 clicks.

Customize animations to match your brand in seconds.

No previous marketing or design experience needed.

100% Cloud based. No software to install. Easy access whenever you need it.


>> Learn more about Viddyoze >>

(Affiliate link to a great product I use myself — check it out because the animations are AWESOME!)

Chris' Carnival of Fun

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Illumination Spotlight: A beautiful photo blog of ILLUMINATION stories.

The Bad Influencer: A beautiful photo blog of The Bad Influence stories.

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  1. Hiroo Hiroo August 13, 2020

    Hi Chris,

    My name is Hiroo, a recent graduate in the bay area. I came across your work on Medium and loved your writing. I am currently building a poetry app and I wanted to see if you are interested in beta testing! (You can repost or even promote your work there for free!)

    Thank you for your time. Here is the website:

    Best and looking forward to hearing from you,
    Hiroo Aoyama

    • Chris Chris Post author | August 13, 2020

      Hi Hiroo,

      I signed up for the beta. I am excited to check it out. Also, thanks for reading my work on Medium. What’s your profile name on Medium?

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