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Jackhammer Justice

Jackhammer Justice. Graphic design by Chris Hedges using licensed images as well as the image Black Cat by OpenClipArt-Vectors from Pixabay.
Graphic design by Chris Hedges using licensed images as well as the image Black Cat by OpenClipArt-Vectors from Pixabay.

Jackhammering justice …

Nude motorcycle gangs …

Parliament smoking private school teachers …

… You have been warned!

Read the full story in The Bad Influence, “The True Story of Jackhammer Justice and other Sordid Tales of Debauchery.”

Hot Summer Lovin’

Sexy woman in bed
Image by Сергей Горбачев from Pixabay 

I love lying in bed thinking of your beauty.

On a summer day.

When the birds are singing and the days are filled with steamy love.

I wish you were here with me dear.

Instead of being so far away.

Just us lying here together.

Feeling the love flowing between each other.

For the rest of time.

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