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An Acrostic Poem

Photo taken by Andrew Neel

Photo description: Brown tabletop with black iPhone on the right and on the left is a silver MacBook, in front of it is a white coffee mug. Beside the white coffee mug is a notepad with writing, a black pen on top.

Hi Friends

How are you?

Please sit down to read…

Hitting publish is both Easy and Daunting.

Easy and Hard. Easy to put words on paper; Hard to choose which words to use.

Another Idea. Is this a good idea or a bad one.

Surely we know what we’re doing. So we write, edit, and hit publish?

Young and Old, we Write. To realise our Writing Dreams or to see what this is about.

Determined to Master Craft. Is this Writing gig for me?

Anchoring to fill a blank page with words; We stare at the blank page and don’t know what to write.

Undertaking huge writing project is scary; Undertaking the big writing project by small chunks, is doable.

Need to take a break after writing for ten minutes? No, keep writing for thirty minutes straight.

Truly happy at the finished piece; Take more time, it needs to be perfect.

Impossible to do on first go; Now it’s easy to hit publish.


Your Friend

  • Muniza Master

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