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What Makes Your Child Grow Mature

What Makes Your Child Grow Mature?

Photo by Wil Amani on Unsplash

People may think of their child to become mature as they grow by age.

But it is not necessarily important for these two traits to go side by side.

It may be true for a fraction of population. But in many cases children grow by age but don’t get mature. While in other cases some children become mature in early age.

So don’t confuse any body’s mental growth with physical growth.

The time period in a person’s life that prevails between childhood and adulthood is actually a learning zone where kids learn to behave, act, respond, and perform in response to sensation and impression conceived from their family, friends and environment in all aspects of life.

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

Maturity is not determined by age only. It is determined by various parameters like, gender, social responsibilities, commitment to one’s objective in life, norms and ethics of a regional community, economic conditions of a family.

How fast or early one gets mature can be determined by a measure of pressure, responsibilities exert on a person.

Level of maturity may get differ for different persons relying upon their capabilities under same set of conditions applied.

In some societies girls are considered to get mature in early age, in some south Asian countries. Reason behind is, girls are involved in daily house chores with their mothers or got married in early age which makes them responsible, committed and directed, while boys can have to bear economic burden of family no matter what age they are, which brings them to maturity. And last but not least maturity may be the result of social norms and ethical values of a particular community. Societies put pressure on their young population to become committed to a meaningful and purposeful life with no space left for a nonsense life.

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