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How I Became an Influencer on Instagram

By Laura Chouette from Unsplash

Is it possible? Yes!

I’ve had my Instagram account since 2015. It was a personal account, I posted about random things that I like and my followers were mostly my friends and family. 2019 came and it was still the same.

I’ve always been addicted to skincare and spent lots of money on it. I love collecting everything related to skincare. Then one day, I thought.

“Why don’t I do something interesting? Something I can do to help people like me who love skincare.”

After graduating from high school, I decided to come back to Instagram and post content about skincare. I started with only a hundred followers, which I thought is better than nothing. I deleted my old posts that were not related to skincare.

Now that my posts were deleted, I started planning what to post and the contents were. I took photos of the products that I will be posting about and made sure the photos were of high quality. I wanted to make sure that the content I give my audience is worth their time.

I first started posting my reviews with the products I have. Each post was about one or two products. I kept posting every other day until people who were doing the same thing noticed me.

They liked and commented on my post which I did in return because it was nice to do so. As I post reviews about different products, my followers increase as well. More people liked and commented on my post, tagging their friends or someone they know.

During my first month, I wondered why I have only a few audiences?

I had about fifteen posts and I felt like I was wasting my time writing long reviews of products. I did my research, I searched for people who were doing reviews of products with tons of audiences. I noticed they used many hashtags in each post they have and they try to engage with as many people as they can.

I had to change the way I do things.

I posted once or twice a week only and I engaged with the people who liked and commented on my posts. If they are influencers, I return the favor by reading their content and giving it some like and comment.

I saw improvement just by increasing my hashtags and engaging with many people as I can in a day. I made sure to use hashtags that only thousands of people use because it can increase my chances of being noticed by people.

Every day, I try to be active on Instagram doing the same routine by posting and engaging with a lot of people. My third month came and for the first time, a skincare brand reached out to me who wanted me to give their product a review. I had about a thousand followers when they reached out.

I told them that the content I post is all written with honesty. They replied that it was up to me to post anything I want with their product and they want me to review it so that they can improve it. After a week and a half, I received their product and started using it. After using it for a month, I gave my review and it gained a lot of attention.

I felt happy and glad that my efforts were not wasted at all. In my fourth month, several brands reached out to me. They are from all over the world. I was shocked that it was possible for things to happen like that.

I gained friends who were influencers and learned many things from them. They hosted giveaways and everything to gain an audience. It worked like magic. Some included me in their giveaways and posts which increased my followers and audience. They also use affiliate codes or links for their audience to use.

And I tried it, it took me a month to earn two-hundred dollars. I never asked brands for their products because they were always the ones who directly messaged me first and I had lots of products, to begin with.

In my fifth month, I had about three thousand followers, many of them are people who were doing the same thing I was and people who liked reading reviews of beauty products. As my followers increase, the packages I received also increased. Many brands want to be shown in my story or posts. I started feeling strange like I was tired of everything but I still did not give up.

Six months came where I hosted my first giveaway in collaboration with a brand. This was also the time where I had to attend university. My account was getting a lot of attention which scared me. There was something in me who felt tired. I continued to receive packages that I have to open and give reviews. Many of them already know my address since I’ve given their product reviews before.

Since I have to focus on university, I was slowly getting inactive on Instagram. Many people were worried and confused. Giving reviews of skincare products is simply just my hobby. I am happy that I earned doing what I liked and people appreciated the long reviews I wrote.

September 2019 came and I was off Instagram. I did not open it. I was stressed out with everything. I decided to set my priorities. I had to study first, so I made studying my first priority. I guess I was not able to handle everything.

Getting started with Instagram was a fun experience for me. I learned many things that I did not even know about. If you want to try and become something on Instagram, try it but first, you must plan on what your content will be and who will be your audience.

An advice I can give you have to be honest with your audience and be your own self. It is what makes you stand out in the crowd.

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