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LittleOphobics — A satire on those who are terrified of little things in life

A satire on those who are terrified of little things in life

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A Testimonial for Timothy Key

Introduction & Insight. Writer & Editor.

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The man with a possible drinking problem

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I Finally “Got” the Clap on Medium!

Lucky for us, I haven’t run out — I can give it to you, too.

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To Whom The Cap Fits?

Hurray, I am a top writer in FOOD on Medium

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Small Things In Life

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A Letter to My Fitness Guru

A token of appreciation and gratitude for all that you do

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Money… Money… Money

Thank You for a Successful Month of Writing

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20 Reasons I Love My Life


Photo by Pro Church Media on Unsplash

Today’s post is something a little different. I’m going to share 20 reasons why I love and am grateful for my life (though I could probably name a lot more), particularly now because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. This is my #GratitudeChallenge2020. Feel free to join along and write your own list up! I am confident that you will feel much more appreciative after doing so, no matter how hard the day you’ve been having, as I did. Hopefully what I’ve written here will give you some inspiration.

20 Reasons I Am Grateful For My Life

  1. I am part of a loving family that I enjoy spending time with every day
  2. I have a golden retriever named Samantha
  3. I have lots of friends who support me in my ambitions
  4. I have the opportunity to study at an amazing international school
  5. I am taught by kind and friendly teachers who are always willing to help me achieve my goals
  6. I have grandparents who are healthy and well
  7. I am completely healthy and fit, which allows me to do most physical things
  8. I have a beautiful home with a garden in a safe neighbourhood
  9. I am able to play the piano and have lessons every week
  10. I am part of a youth group with lots of like-minded people who share the same values and principles as me
  11. I have the time to read impactful and life-changing novels which I thoroughly enjoy
  12. I have strong wifi and am able to connect with others through technology
  13. I live in a peaceful and wonderful country where the COVID-19 situation is improving
  14. I have been offered a scholarship to continue my A Levels in the Sixth Form of a fantastic school
  15. I am in a financially-stable family and I do not need to worry about food and costs
  16. I have a MacBook which allows me to do so many things like schoolwork and blogging
  17. I have the opportunity to bake and cook, experimenting with new recipes and different ingredients
  18. I take part in the Silver DOE International Award
  19. I have strong self-esteem with entire belief that I can achieve anything which has helped me achieve many goals and strive for greater heights
  20. I am able to walk around outside in the fresh air safely

I’m curious to see how this challenge goes for different people. Do some find it very easy to list out 20 things? Do others find it really quite difficult? I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer here, it only depends on how you see the world and the situation you are in. Personally, I came up with my list pretty quickly, though I did take time to think and consider each thing I was writing and send my thanks out.

In my youth group, we did something similar where we listed out 50 people who had added value to our lives, which was what gave me the idea for this challenge. I was able to list 50 people quite easily but the difficult part for me was considering who to put on the list that had impacted my life the most. However, it was interesting to note that some could only list 20 people whilst others struggled after listing about 35. If you have the time, I would recommend also trying this out, as I felt that it really made me more aware of the people who make my life what it is.

It can be very difficult to be grateful, even for 20 things, in our lives, especially now that most of us are quarantined and haven’t seen friends and family in quite a while. The number of COVID-19 cases adds but another layer of gloom upon our lives. Nevertheless, I have found that gratitude always ALWAYS makes or ends my day better, and for the past year, I have been reflecting on what I appreciated in the day before going to sleep. It really does make me feel a lot calmer and relaxed. Science shows that people generally feel happier as they acknowledge all the positives in their life, which can turn their view of the day. It allows us to relive the best moments and experiences and enjoying them seems to tune out the not-so-good aspects of our lives. There have been many studies conducted behind the science of gratitude, and I’ve linked a couple of websites I looked through over the weekend if you’re interested in greater details.

This challenge is one way to express your appreciation, but I would encourage instilling the habit of gratitude into your everyday life. Be it to write down a short list every night or even just think about them and feel, truly feel, gratitude, the impacts on your life will definitely be noticeable as you realise how lucky you really are.

Stay safe and well! I hope you give this challenge a shot too!

20 Reasons I Love My Life was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Let’s Celebrate Our Ability to Be Kind

And especially the actual acts of kindness

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