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The Lion Cares Not For a Celebration.

The Lion Cares Not For a Celebration





The Ultimate Dual.

A Human watches this encounter between the Lion and the Wilderbeast.

Although the Human may indeed watch the encounter, He does not truly SEE.

It is simply another source of entertainment.

The Human in all his comforts watches the encounter like he sits at home watching Sport.

For the Truth is a Humans life has become one grand entertainment show.

Each moment having a winner and a loser.

Each moment is up or down.

Each moment one feels ‘good’ or feels ‘bad’.

Each moment is lost and never Lived.

The Human sits but does not SEE.

For he is too busy picking his winner.

For he is too busy celebrating his pick was the ‘right’ one.

For he is too busy turning to his Clone of a human and saying

‘I told you’.

If you are beginning to sense that I am about to say this is wrong and should not occur then you are mistaken.

Wrong and right categorically do not exist. And neither does any ‘Should’.

The Truth is, entertainment does not exist in Nature, this is Life and Death.

In Nature there is only ever the state of Instinct, and never the State of Mind.

For the State of Mind can only ever lead to hesitation.

Where there is hesitation in Nature, there is inevitable Death.

In Sport, celebration is forever occurring. And the reason as to which it arises is due to,

Countless hours of Anxiety.

Countless hours of Self conflict.

Countless hours of Clock Watching.

Countless hours of Strife.

Countless hours Climbing the Ladder.

Countless hours Seeped in Prescription.

All the hours have lead to this moment where one feels he has earnt and deserves this moment to celebrate.

Let me tell you The Truth:

Because there is TIME to ask Insincere questions, there is TIME to Insincerely celebrate.

A wise man once said

“Although they jump and cheer with confidence, deep below the surface they are in a state of relief , I SEE IT”.


This is the exact reason there is no Permanence in a Humans Life.

There is never a Knowing. There is never Surrender.

After the Great ‘Win’ comes the ‘Loss’.

The Celebration of today becomes the Mourning of tomorrow.

But in nature the day the Wilderbeast has a Lion on his tail is perhaps the day the Wilderbeasts time on this Earth is up.

The dual between the Wilderbeast and the Lion is not selected for a given date.

There is no arrangement.

There is no decisions.

There is no Rules.

It happens forever in the NOW.

There is never a Future.

Everything happens when it happens and it happens through two princes of Nature.

It is a dual of Pure Respect.

It is a dual of Non-Celebration.

It is a dual of No-mind, the Ultimate State of Performance.

This Ultimate State of Performance, the Human has lost his sensibility for, for the Human is simply trying to inch past his Competitor.

But if one has the eyes to SEE and the sensibilities to FEEL there is a Chance at an existence of permanent ultimate performance.

If for a second you are thinking “How” you have not seen. The conditions are not Ripe.

The Truth is any whisper of Mind which enters the faculty completely stifles the flow and the ultimate desire, the pure intention is lost.

If there is a decision to be made there is Mind.

There is a Pre-concieved Notion that follows the doer into the deed.

Mind leads to thought, and as a result the moment is missed, the opportunity gone.

For the state of mind can only ever lead to hesitation, where there is hesitation in Nature there is inevitable Death.

The dual between the Lion and the Wilderbeast is a dual of no action, it is non-action.

It is doing not-doing.

Both the Lion and the Wilderbeast Truly Understands that their fate is left in the hands of Nature, and Trust nature they do.

They have given every second of their life to Nature, for they somehow, somewhere know (without knowing) that Nature always decides.

Nature decided their entry into this world and thus it will decide their exit.

Only a Fool would go against the power which give him the Grand Opportunity.


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