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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Black Box

The Contrasts amid Clinical Decision-Making tool and Physician Clinical Judgment

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BMI Chips, Unlock Super-Human Abilities

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Redacted Intelligence

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Laila is back!

Admirable perseverance.

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Will We Be Robots?

Robotic prostheses, Artificial Intelligence, robots substituting humans in high risks jobs: where are we heading?

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Artificial Intelligence and Fintech: the synergistic effect of optimism?

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We’re Headed Towards a Future Ruled by Self-Expression

Creativity is what would keep us relevant

Photo by Irina Iriser on Unsplash

You can already see how we are all turning into content creators. It’s exciting to think about it because people now have to use their inborn talents to earn. The internet has made it possible to reach a wider audience — getting to people who would see value in your content is easier than ever.

I wrote an article on how the future would be all about programming and content. The programmers would create software to do the monotonous jobs, and content creators would entertain, teach, and do adverts with their content.

Many jobs would be lost. We are already seeing how many jobs are going out of date because of software — when last did you hear of a typist? Or a movie rental shop? But more opportunities would rise up from them. It’s normal for old jobs to die for new ones to come in. Before social media, there wasn’t a need for social media managers, Facebook ads specialists, social media influencers, even Instagram models.

Youtube created more opportunities for vloggers, video editors, animators, etc. Websites created opportunities for web designers, bloggers, content writers, and so on. For any job lost, more would be created.

One thing I’m sure of about the future is that we will have more free time to focus on making money. Technology aims to reduce our workload. But, we would be working more to maintain the lifestyle because these technologies wouldn’t be cheap. A few generations back, one income was enough to satisfy a family, but not anymore because we have a higher cost of living which means we need to make more money to maintain it.

That’s a story for another time.

Right now, what is stopping many people from self-expression is their jobs. There’s the excuse that there won’t be any time to do “what you love” because of a 9–5. But it won’t be the same in the future because we would have no other choice — the COVID-19 has already started the trend.

There are already 3D printers that can print food today. Try to imagine how advanced they would be 5–7 years from now? We may not even have to go to a restaurant anymore. The more technology advances, the more we have to do less.

We can use our phones to talk to someone thousands of miles away — no need to send a raven or whatever they used back in the day. We have Netflix to choose from thousands of shows, unlike before where people had to go to Blockbuster to rent a cassette and watch it from a VCR. If you picked one movie, that’s what you’d watch till you go out to another one. That was the routine. They had to make the extra effort to go and get movies. But now, we can just do it by just moving our fingers.

I read something sometime where they said, people in the past moved around parts of the world because of production, and in the future, people would move around because of entertainment. And I thought of people like us living in 3rd world countries (Nigeria still doesn’t have good roads or constant electricity). Many Nigerians are trying to leave the country to more developed countries because of better jobs and opportunities.

But with remote work growing, companies now have a wider talent pool and can easily hire skilled 3rd world country workers. So everybody can stay where they are and enjoy the benefits of the 1st world countries(I’m still trying to leave though) And they would only have to go to these places on vacations and for other entertainment reasons not related to work.

Photo by Leyy M on Unsplash

With more help from technology, many things would be automated, and we wouldn’t have to do as much work as we do now. We would soon be the ones giving our kids the “This generation is lazy” speech because the next generation would literally do nothing.

Their primary focus would be to earn to sustain their lifestyle. Just the way we work to pay our bills — electricity, phone, etc. Those bills were nonexistent before, but now we have them because they make our lives easier. If you think there are bills to pay today, think about the bills we would have to settle in the future because of the new technologies.

We have more dependence on money today than it was in the olden days. In the past, their primary purpose of labor was for food, clothing, and shelter. When you had all that covered, you were termed successful. But today, because of technology, we have to make more money to maintain the lifestyle, which means less time doing menial jobs and more time doing things that make us more money

Robotics, for example, would handle most of the jobs we’re doing now, which would leave us with more time to work for money or get entertained. And since most of the labor would be done by artificial intelligence, our creativity would be our primary means of exchange.

There would be more paywalled platforms that pay creatives; more content creators; more jobs around content (the makeup artists, stylists, directors, video editors, graphics designers, and who knows what else the future holds). This is so because the edge we would have over artificial intelligence would be our creativity.

So, if you’re not into programming, all you have left is content.

Thank you for reading.

We’re Headed Towards a Future Ruled by Self-Expression was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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