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The Importance of Balance

We don’t realize how important balance is in our lives — until we lose it.

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A Balance Of Emotions

SCBWI challenge from the prompt: ‘balance’

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

an energy-sucking vampire,
bloodthirsty for attention
and emotional reliance;
neediness and clinginess
running in veins,
the precarious scale of relations.

I wish I’d be more adept,
at the weapon of
emotional independence;
to be freed from the clutches
of Attachment,
and the internal demons
of desperation and expectations;
not apathy, but self-reliance,
the free-spirited ‘Detachment
running in veins,
the precarious scale of relations.

Thank you for reading!

There’s an interesting background behind this, which I’d like to share.

This was based on the prompt ‘balance’ which I missed during the SCBWI writing challenge in May. I’m late by a month; but better late than never. A special mention to Amy Marley who as usual had gone out of her way to encourage on attempting this prompt. I had typed out a poem, but after reading Amy’s crisp take on the prompt, I deleted my draft. I had shared this with her, and the sweet person that she is, she wrote to me, “Topics never have too many voices on them. Each will bring the potential to awaken the person it needs to. Each of us resonate differently. Words hit ears, hearts, and minds as they need to. Why is it so important to share your unique voice. Your life, beliefs, and perceptions can never be repeated, and the very reason it should be shared.”
She urged me to rewrite, whenever it came naturally.
Thank you, Amy Marley, for your wise words and encouragement.

A Balance Of Emotions was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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