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Experiencing Bangkok Like A Local: To-Do List

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The Thai capital isn’t all about bar-hopping and shopping. It’s one of the most exciting travel destinations in the world and can be very touristy, yet there are ways to discover this bustling city from a completely different angle, traveling like a local.

To fully experience Bangkok, you should dive deep into its culture and history. The city formed as a small trading center some 200 years ago and has managed to become one of the world’s top tourist attractions. Yet it still preserves the true glory of its illustrious past. Bangkok has so much to offer from food, history, and culture. It stands out for its combination of surreal and amazing sights, sounds, flavors and smells. We find them fascinating and we’re sure you will too.

Add these two must-do adventures on your trip itinerary to experience the authentic side of Bangkok that you’ll appreciate the most.

City Tour by Tuk-tuk

With its ever-evolving public transport system and the world’s longest commutes, Bangkok has a myriad of ways to get around. But if you ever happen to be in Bangkok, you have to try the Tuk-tuk — the quintessential Thai form of transport — at least once in your life. They are widely used by the local market vendors transporting goods in bulk. Tuk-tuks are available pretty much around the clock and are great for a short hop. However, you always have to be careful to effectively negotiate the price with the drivers and agree on a fare before you start the ride.

Street Food Spots And Local Floating Markets

The second must-do when in Bangkok is to venture down to the local food markets. Start your foodie hunt on Chinatown’s Tha Din Daeng Road, full of the city’s best-tasting and low-priced fare. The large concentration of street eats and the new flavors are definitely going to be a fun discovery for you.

For desserts and fresh fruits do not hesitate and take a 20-minute drive from the city to the nearest floating market, Khlong Lat Mayom. Here you will find fresh tropical fruits and bananas barbequed in the skin — the ultimate enlightenment to your taste buds. To have a fully authentic experience jump into a longtail boat and float along a large coconut plantation leading to a beautiful lake blooming with pink lotus flowers.

Explore Bangkok With 360Stories

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