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Youth in Grácia

Wandering Through Barcelona by Bailey Vargas

It’s a whimsically ludicrous endeavor
running through Barcelona with no money
drinking turmeric milk and honey
with an injured friend who
fell from her bicycle in the rain
an insane dance of laughter and pain
shared on the bottom bunk
in a little corner room, in a hostel en Grácia.

Spilling wine on my patterned button ups,
my youth
getting me into all the best and
most uncomfortable situations at once.

Absorbing the moment as my body does
the rich 98 cent bulk wine
I fill in my glass bottle each night,
sauntering on down to la frutería
la carnicería, la panadería
en Grácia.

Though I look toward reflecting back on these moments with nostalgia
this wildly irresponsible and fantastically confident youth when
a problem is never a problem, but
an opportunity for growth
and a glass of wine is not a reward, but
a daily oath.

Sometimes it isn’t easy, but
at least we know, que
comienza y termino con vino
en Grácia.

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