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My Father Was Watching Me Bat

A Micro Fiction

Photo by michael weir on Unsplash

Peter was very fond of cricket. He wanted to be a batsman. He had been coming for evening practice for the last two years. His coach never gave him a chance to bat. He had always been a fielder. When Peter came for practice, his father used to sit in the field’s corner.

It was really strange that Peter did not come for three days for practice when Inter-School Matches began. His school team had won Semi-final and been preparing for the final. On the fourth day, Peter came and vehemently requested his coach to allow him to bat. The coach was utterly surprised that a boy who never batted in a match. How could he be given a chance in the final?

Peter was desperately requesting, almost begging miserably for a chance of batting. The coach tried his best to convince him and said, “My boy, how could I allow you to bat with no match experience? I can’t put the image of the school at stake.” Peter with tears in his eyes assured his coach not to disappoint him. The coach agreed to give him a chance of batting in the final.

The next day it was the Final match. Peter got batting in the fourth place. The first three batsmen could not score well. Peter started as a professional batsman and batted three sixes in an over. His run-score was soon crossing half a century. His coach was standing stunned with excitement and regretting. How could he fail to recognize such a talent? Peter scored 90 runs in the match of 20 overs. He brought a landslide victory for his team. In the very first match, he became a star, batsmen.

His coach proudly hugged him and asked, “How did you play so well?” Peter replied, “My father was watching me bat.” The coach looked around but couldn’t see his father anywhere in the grounds.” Peter told, “My father was blind. I had never told you. He died three days back. It is the fourth day. He is watching me from heaven.”

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