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Quarantine Summer

We’re not the only ones who are lonely

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Why You Should Take the Scenic Route in Life

From time to time in life, you need to slow the pace.

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Plastic Unfantastic


The currents and Swells in the Andaman Sea Bring Excess Plastic to the Beaches of Ko Lanta.

Photo. James. G. Brennan.

The overbearing plastic reality
Laid out before me
Like some horror movie filling my
Heart with dread.

Permeating the beauty on this beach
With an ugly heartless soul,

This soul of human development
For a greedy corporate dream.

No end in sight to stop this blight,
Our oceans choke they scream.

The currents have been bringing up an unusual amount of plastic from Malasia and Indonesia to Thailands coastal region. Thailand is also very guilty of plastic waste in the seas of course.

Thank you for reading. J.

Plastic Unfantastic was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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beach memories past places poetry

Beachy Memories

A poem for the places in your life that bring up long-buried memories when revisited

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Song/Poem of the Day — This Feels Really Good

This Feels Really Good

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beach coffe nature routine sun

Every change comes with a set of routines.

Did you notice that we are all living after a set of routines? Waking up, making coffee, having or not breakfast, going to work, watching…

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beach nature sea seagulls swans

Life at the sea

The weather is nice, not so sunny as I would expect, around 19 degrees. One fact is certain that I am more active, I don’t stay all day…

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