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The Lightning before the Thunder

Photo by Max LaRochelle on Unsplash

During the night when everyone is sleeping, I see an unrivalled proportion of creativity in the sky. The clouds are floating, and the sky looks brilliant. But I love it more when the sky is accompanied by a cabalistic friend. She is cherished by very few and scary to the little ones. A beautiful beast that roars like a tigress and shines like a diamond. The Lightning before the thunder.

To me, she’s an artist. An artist who wants no name nor has any desires to be celebrated. She acts in every modest way to prove so. Calving a work of art at a time and erasing the spot immediately for a new one like no artist ever would wish to. I have seen lightning using the sky as her blank grey canvases to paint a still life. Spilling the colours perfectly. They were red, purple, grey, black, blue, orange, and whatnot. Those colours are emotions that she painted me with. Painting slightest of blue on my neck, purple to my hair, diluting pink into my eyeballs, and orange was my heart. Red was the crown I was wearing while watching her plays. While she was painting on the sky like her canvas, with her graceful shine and light. But while she unleashes herself, she scares most of you.

I accede having a scant intellect when I attempt to tell her what I see in her. I run out of words to describe the beauty I see. The most aching part to me is the thought that she might be oblivious to how flawless she is. I wish I had a mirror to show her that the beauty in her dance, when she celebrates her skin, comforts my senses. But then I thank creation for the sea that resides on nature’s lap. Maybe she sees herself when she gyrates her tail above the vast sea. One of the most cherished beauties aiding the least acknowledged realize how contained she is.

I’m a Believer. Believer in the existence of the most creative person sitting up there, above me, and even above the sky. He knows that I’m an admirer of nights and I’m hungry. The earthly bread isn’t enough to satisfy the hunger in me. Maybe that is why he decided to feed my soul with his creativity at night and made me a nyctophile.

The Lightning before the Thunder was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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The night sky that talks to me

Picture Credit Photo by Nacho Rochon on Unsplash

I was on my terrace where I usually meditate, it is my usual spot. I roam around the sky, with my eyes, sipping the cold breeze, one at a time. Meanwhile, I felt the sky talking, everything, every time something new and this has always been something I need to hear in life.

I saw a deer, a pretty deer. I’m not fond of the deary-deer though. But the way clouds created the figure, with a feminine touch, I felt I could relate that beauty. Dusk it was today, as I checked the time and the event on the internet, 6:13, 2/5/2020, and coincidence, could I be amazed any more?

I thought the sky wanted to convince me that I was pretty much a deer, and the time I wanted to digest it and run this information in my blood, blush of the wind made my hair stubborn enough to make me look the other way for a while. Clueless about what the universe wanted to convey today. Saw a HORSE, and for some reason, I felt it was the dark horse. Darkhorse because the horse made up of the cloud was floating in the dark sky. The night sky. The sky that talks to me.

The night sky that talks to me was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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You’re Beautiful

Please stop talking about things you want to change about yourself.

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