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The One God

Image by Aaka Amit on DevianArt

The race is on
to become a god
the one who is everywhere
the one who can see and hear
every doing and every saying
every beginning and every ending

But why just one god
haven’t there been many gods
Were we not the ones who
created them and believed them
feared them and followed them
loved them and ignored them
kept them alive
and then forgotten them

a god of war who was born of lust
a god of money who got banished
a god so virtuous that he doubted his wife
and a god of death whom everyone feared

a goddess of knowledge holding a book
a goddess of wealth fulfilling everyone’s wishes
a goddess in river to wash away the sins
and a goddess of birth from whom the life begins

Earth being the goddess
and sky the god
thundering across the clouds
ever lived the mighty god
who got arrogant and lost his rod

the purifying god of fire
who served as the mouth of gods
and then the sun itself, the god of light
quick to anger and eager to show off his might

The trinity of gods with all their nuisance
one to create, commanding the allegiance
one to preserve, sporting the elegance
and one to destroy, maintaining the balance

And before the known and the unknown
before any god was born
there lived a god alone
half man and half woman
half good and half evil
embracing both the dark and the light
half me and half you
creating all this duality in our life

If the race is on
then the winner won’t be just one
there will be a god for you
and you will be the god for someone

The One God was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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