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Are Women Really Embracing Their Body Hair?

Or is it just another show of “False Control ”?

Photo By: Bazaar featuring Emily Ratajkowski

Today I read one article about how women are accepting their bodies the way it is, naturally. There is a big movement going on about women embracing their body hair. For them to raise their voices with the slogan “if men don’t have to do it, why should I”.

That is good, motivational, and strong to read or to see on models who promote and support the moment. It is quite inspiring to have a feel of full control of our personal choices by looking at those pictures and reading those articles.

But the real question is, is it real or just some other tactic to make women feel in control? Will you accept your body hair the way it is, naturally? Are you one of those women who bravely accepted to break through this stereotype? Are you willing to look at someone with body hair without being a participant of body shame? Even in a passing thought?

Are you accepting your body hair because you wanted to accept it or are you accepting it because it is cool and a “new statement”? You are not accepting it because some celebrities are doing this, right?

And the most important question, do these “movements” exist only on papers and photos or is it real? Hell! Do they even exist on that promotional pictures and articles?

Because quite frankly, I don’t think so. For me, it can be a huge step in accepting yourself the way you are? A big step in finally realizing, accepting, and standing up for your choices. But to be honest, we are not quite there. Have you ever look at the pictures they are using to promote such a thing?

In those photos, the model featured only accepted the armpit hair. Armpit hair and public hair are not the only body hair type.

If you wanted to embrace your body the way it is, will you be able to accept someone that doesn’t have perfectly shaped eyebrows or someone with the hair above their lips or on the chin? Will you be able to accept someone that refuses to wax their hairs on legs and hands? Will you?

Change does not always imply, you have to take action yourself but the fact that to be supporting enough to accept others in action.

This question is not only for men but for women. Especially for women. If we, women decided and accepted that we want to defy some norm, there is no one else to question it.

But the problem is, are women ready to really embrace the change?

Accept yourself and your choices because you wanted to, not because others are doing it. Accept your body hair or any change for that matter because you wanted to, because you are comfortable. Not because it is what trending or in fashion.

Because ultimately, it is you who has to live with the changes. Any step, any change will not be a forward step or a positive change if it is not your choice, no matter how huge and important it is. We don’t want to go backward, now, do we?

Bitter but real, Change is not initiated and being practiced on papers and photos but with the real examples. Before appreciating and feeling proud of any change happening in the world, just question yourself are you willing to be “the change” yourself??

Be proud, to be yourself.

Be courageous, to accept that.

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