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2 Interesting Ways I Improved My Fitness During Covid Lockdowns

How breath work, cold exposure and sauna use can enhance fitness during isolation.

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Mindfulness Starter Kit

A Quick Guide To Daily Zen

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Need to cool off? Well, sit down, close your eyes, and try out this breathing technique!

(Better Breathing Part V)

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Is Your Child Feeling Anxious?

Here is a simple technique to help restore calm

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Mild Cases of Covid-19 Don’t Necessarily Feel So Mild

Two Experiences In The Same Family And What We Did

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Tropical Almond Tree

POETRY A Visual Stimulation Walking Among These Beautiful Trees

Photo James G Brennan

To walk, and to sit awhile,
Admire the beauty under
The lush green canopy
Of the Terminalia Catappa tree
Also known as the tropical almond.
Giving freely, feelings of
Immense visual stimulation.

Thousands of small
Luscious green leaves,
Sunlight dancing around their edges
Protruding from young spindling branches
Venturing out from the mature parent branch,
Looking similar to a set of lungs,
Lungs of the world no less.

This makes me smile and
Breathe more deeply.

A network of intertwining veins
Connected to main arteries
Fed by its far-reaching roots giving
Vital nutrients apparent in its
Abundant healthy leaves
All of this supported by its
Sturdy heartwood trunk.

Trees of vibrant life,
Providing the perfect cover
From the days’ hot shining sun,
Allowing just the right amount
Of energizing sunlight through
Its gaps and shadows,
Providing me now with a welcome
Euphoric feeling
Welling up through my deep breathing lungs
inviting me at this moment to be
Part of this Tropical Almond tree

Thank you for reading.

Tropical Almond Tree was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Whoa, wait, wait! Relax and balance. Try 4, 7, 8

(Breathing Better Part II)

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A Journey Back to Self

Some who wander are lost.

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Can you breathe a box? The wonder of box breathing

— On breathing better (Part I)

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