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Words Build Businesses

The story you tell is worth millions

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I’m not the first one writing on this topic. There are hundreds of stories already out there depicting the importance of words. There are many who has created a million-dollar business just by writing.

It’s not the words you write but the story you tell via them that matters.

You may have one question — “how to build a business through words?”

Own a blog

Everything starts here. This is where you should bring your audience too. It’s okay to use some other platform. I prefer to have something I own 100%. This is where you’ll showcase your portfolio or share the links for the same.

Get backlinks to your site from other reputable and authoritative sources. I would advise you to occasionally share articles. So, having a blog section will increase your site’s organic reach.

This is the place where you can create a course or sell some paid products or services as well. But as I said, this is where the game begins.


The social media for professionals” — as it is dubbed. You and I have to be there whether we want it or not. Being on Linkedin shows you are serious in your profession. Don’t use it to pitch your product straight away. You can do that sometimes though.

This platform should be used to build a following and hence credibility. Build trust among your audience. Share thought-provoking stories related to your product. Once you fell people are engaging with your content, tell them about your site and show them your product or the service you offer.


If you are a content creator who predominantly writes, Medium is the perfect place for you. This is especially useful if you want to sell a course on English Literature, content marketing, or how to write (creative writing).

Your goal here is to create stories that get curated. Try writing for the publications. The best publications are where the gold is. If used effectively, Medium can help you build your email list.

Millions of users come here to read and write each month. You can use that email list to showcase your products later. Moreover, if you read articles on Medium, you’ll discover new ideas and topics to write on. This platform is definitely worth your time.

Social Media

Well, social media is not a good place to share products and services that is related to education or any other serious profession. Linkedin is a better alternative.

You will hear many success stories of people selling their products on social media platforms. I ain’t asking you to avoid completely. You have to be here. You have to spend your time and money. Because you never know where your customers will come from.

Facebook and Instagram are the most important ones. Create a business page on both platforms and start sharing your stories. Interact with people you think may buy your products.

Social media is mainly useful to complement your other handles. What I mean by that is, if you write an article on Medium, join some Medium specific Facebook groups and share that article.

You may be given contracts by businesses all around the globe when you master your craft. When people will know your service is the best in the market, you’ll be hired on a premium.

Slowly, you’ll see your email list growing, your overall audience on the rise, and the number of people opting for your products or services increasing.

Give yourself time. You’ll someday be the next person to build a business through your words.

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