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Reduce Carbon Footprint

Give your best bit to save the environment without making drastic changes to your lifestyle.

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Increased amount of Greenhouse gases (GHGs) is the main reason for global warming. Carbon dioxide is one of the important gases that contribute to it.

A lot of things said and done but the sad part is the situation has worsened with each passing year.

When I read news about climate change or global warming my heart bleed. I fear to imagine what the world will look like in 20 years.

Whenever my parents share stories of their childhood, they always brag about the availability of pure air, water, and food in abundance. Do we have such beautiful stories to share with our children? It’s high time to take charge of this situation and save the environment for our coming generation.

If you are the type, who fusses about recycling or other drastic change to save the planet. So good news is one’s lifestyle, in particular, bring the most radical changes rather than difficult methods recommended in textbooks.

What is Carbon Footprint?

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A carbon footprint is defined as the amount of Greenhouse gases (GHGs) emission to support each human activity. Carbon dioxide is one of the Greenhouse gases that has the most important impact on the environment. So, the emission of the carbon dioxide is called a carbon footprint.

To understand carbon footprint, let’s take an example of a product, say computer. To calculate the carbon footprint of computers, you need to calculate the energy requirement to manufacture each part of the computer, transportation of parts from different places in the world, assembling the parts, packaging of computer, and finally energy requirement while working. So, it not easy to calculate carbon footprint and there are different techniques to calculate it.

The interesting fact is many agencies and organizations provide the service to calculate the carbon footprint. The most interesting and easily available ones are online, such as and that help in calculating the carbon footprint of individuals and organizations.

How Individual Can Reduce Carbon Footprint?

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Eat vegetarian food: Raising animals for human consumption or transporting different types of meat across the world is a resource-intensive process. This results in a huge amount of carbon footprint. Reducing consumption of red meat such as Beef or Lamb, can alone reduce carbon footprint by a quarter. Also eating vegetarian food is good for health.

Buy local product: A lot of food on our plate traveled long distance. Transportation is contributing to a lot of carbon footprint. Buy local products to shorten this distance. As a result, you will get fresher and seasonal products and it will help the local economy as well.

Choose your Transport Wisely: Choose your transport by being more considerate. Keep your feet moving for a small distance. Select a bicycle for transport as compared to a car for frequent and short travel. If it is not possible to travel by bicycle due to distance, try car share or public transport. This seems difficult in starting but its very effective in reducing carbon footprint.

Reduce fossil fuel usage: Fossil fuel contributes to a large amount of carbon dioxide emissions. Use renewal energy such as solar or air for your electricity consumption. If it is not possible to completely use renewal energy, practice habits such as:

· Switching off lights while leaving the room.

· Upgrade your light bulb to energy-efficient bulbs.

· Do not keep the tap open while brushing your teeth.

Final Words

So, we can bring a drastic change in carbon footprint just by choosing our lifestyle wisely. If each one of us become a little more considerate about our day to day activity, we can leave behind a beautiful planet for the coming generation.

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