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All Change

An Illumination Challenge response to Timothy Key
and then something strange happened…

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There’s a Hole in My Shirt

And for some reason, I care

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Six of My Best Stories

ILLUMINATION Challenge: Self-promotion is something I’m not used to, but I know it’s part of succeeding as a writer. So, here I am.

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Creative Fun With Negativity

Meeting negativity with positivity

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My Ten Best Stories

Come indulge in the crème de la crème.

Source: Unsplash

I read Dr Mehmet Yildiz’s article where he encouraged Illumination writers to compile their top ten stories a short while ago. (How is he is so kind and supportive by the way? I’ve never seen someone encourage writers the way he does, props to him for that.)

I’m a little late to this challenge but since I don’t self-promo my writings anywhere at all ever, (At least not for now) I thought I should give this a shot.

So here you go.

1. Reader’s Choice:

The title is pretty self-explanatory. This one is by far the most popular article of mine. (No guesses why here :P)

Every Time I Gave Up, Medium Curated My Article

2. My Personal Favorite / Very Short Short-Story:

I found a novel lying around in my room & started to reminisce about our journey together. I found that book in Egypt and carried it everywhere. I ended up taking it to the beach where it ended up getting a water bath. I wrote this from the book’s perspective & absolutely love how it turned out.

My Story Starts On The Newsstand Of A Hotel Reception In Egypt.

3. The One That Generated The Most Passive-Aggressive Behavior:

This article had more external views (DM’s/ e-mails) than internal ones. It humors me every time I think of the passive-aggressiveness involved. Need a friend to listen up when you talk? Share this article like 90 others!

The Cheat Sheet For Becoming A Great Listener

4. My Humble Attempt At Encouraging You To Say “No”:

A Physics magazine added him to their mailing list. Feynman put them in their place, nicely.

Richard P Feynman: Genius at Physics and Saying No to People.

5. The One About Teaching & Leadership:

This one’s written solely from personal experience, so it has no credibility. But then again, Medium curated it under Education & Leadership, so It must account for something.

How To Single-Handedly Solve Most Problems Of Being A Teacher

6. The First One To Get A Double Curation Standard:

I summarise the best things from the KonMarie Method to help you start cleaning up your closet! This is a clean list. (note the pun)

Master the Art of Cleaning like A Minimalist While Stuck at Home With These 11 Tested Steps

7. The One With A Little Personal Storytelling:

I wrote about how I started my journey into Martial Arts and what keeps me going 1 year later, short & sweet.

How Martial Arts Makes Me A Better Person Everyday

8. A Super Fun Project I Took Up:

Took a National Geographic’s Traveller, cut out everything I liked, and made a list of the same.

This was one of the most fun things I’ve done with a magazine to date.

I Dissected A Renowned Travel Magazine.

9. The One With The Most Research:

I know I said research, but this one is not boring!! Sustainable fashion is a topic I feel strongly about. It’s boring to people who don’t get it yet, but I urge you to try understanding what it’s about.

Can You Handle This Shocking Exposé About Your Favorite Fashion Brands?

10. Do You Know The Difference Between Courage & Stupidity?

This lesson is taken from a dialogue exchange between Robin Williams and one of his students in “Dead Poets Society”. You can leverage so many things to your benefit with this learning.

The Most Important Learning No-one Picked Up From The Dead Poets Society

This is the end of my self-promo. If you stuck around till the end, you’re one of a kind. I mean, no-one sticks around until the end of someone’s self-promo, right?

Thank you, unique hooman.

My Ten Best Stories was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Have You Ever Heard About Fear Benefits

The art of converting the negatives to positives.

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Why The Hardest Hikes Motivate Me More

Pushing Myself to Do Better

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Chicken Fish Bread and Wine with a Few Guests Oh and Some Apple Strudel

A Response to Timothy Key’s When the Dinner Bell Rings, Who Will be at Your Table?

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Corona Virus Japanese Style

How I’m benefitting from the COVID 19 lockdown

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Illuminating My Fellow Illumination Writers

On when it’s time to take a hiatus

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