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Isolation Forces Introspection

Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

COVID-19 has changed so many people’s realities and even after this virus is a thing of the past, who knows what the new world would be like. Outside our homes, the fear of coronavirus lingers with our every move. Inside our homes, we feel the impact of the virus and bombardment with constant coronavirus news coverage. The days are short and the weeks are long.

This new reality that we all face have no timeline and because of that, I knew I had to adapt to it. I accustomed myself to really accept things as they are. Accepted working-from-home despite its difficulty. Accepted only leaving the house when necessary and wearing personal protective equipment when doing so. Accepted not seeing family and friends. Accepted that what is happening is sad, bad and scary. This acceptance was not easily, but I believed I had no other choice if I wanted to use this difficulty time as an opportunity to thrive.

To acclimate myself, I signed off of all social media. I checked in with family daily and with friends occasionally. I only paid attention to the news during my work hours as I work in the industry. But the hardest thing to do was for me to sit with myself. With all distractions gone, I had no choice but to think of the choices I have made and the person I wanted to ultimately become.

In the process, I realized that my biggest problem was procrastination. The root of the problem though was from being a perfectionist all my life. Understanding that this was only holding me back, I decided I needed to end this need to be perfect all the time. So the journey begins and I know now that it won’t be perfect and it shouldn’t be because most of the beauty of this world comes from realness and not perfection.

In addition, I am also using this time to get back to writing, tackling my ever-growing book shelf, practicing self-love, and spreading positivity.

I hope you also use this time to do some self-reflection so you could keep becoming the best version of yourself. Sending love and well wishes!

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