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MAYBE(S)- That Change Brings to Your Mind

Change Caught Slacking

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Finally! I caught you.

I am petrified of the change. So, I decided to be friends with to understand what exactly this thing is. At the initial stage, my understanding was as clear as mud, but it developed slowly and I realized change is a bitter pill to swallow but rarely, not always.

There is a secret I want to tell you about change. It always comes unnoticed and suddenly shakes everything. But when we want it to happen, it becomes a snail. It’s a very bad attitude of the ‘change’. It betrays us. When we want to hold on to something, it goes away and when we want to let go of something, it just stays longer. Sometimes it leaves us suffering and it seems there is nothing we can do.

Change in life is inevitable, without change life is nothing, change is the never-ending process, change is this, change is that and change is what not. So, here I am with some “MAYBE” (maybes) which could give you a better perspective to develop your understanding of change.


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Yes, Maybe ‘It Will Get Better’ is the Mantra. To cope with change, most people go with ‘it will get batter’ strategy. But, here’s a secret to this Mantra. We just hope for things to get better without actually doing anything. Well. There is nothing wrong with hoping but we need to let it change. It won’t happen out of the blue or on its own.


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This one is my favorite. When something changes and I could not accept it, then I convince myself by telling that it’s happening for good. However, it’s not the best way to cope with it, but let’s say it’s not even the worst.


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Now this one is for the kind of situation where there is no option but to change the existing. It happens when we don’t want to change but we have to, and then we somehow try to make ourselves happy by telling this ‘yes this will work’ or ‘maybe it could work’ anyway, we don’t have other option.


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God has something else in his mind for me and it resulted this way.

Here I don’t think I should say anything because this is something you think when you give up and accept nevertheless. But, this acceptance is not what will make you happy. Here you accept it without your heart and it will kill you inside.


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This can be positive or negative. If it’s positive then you are lucky and if it’s not, then you are living in a fake optimism. You don’t want to disappoint or fool yourself by telling yourself it’s temporary and then punish yourself when you realize it wasn’t.

I sometimes wonder why this thing is hard for us, us means we adults. Have you seen kids? How they react to changes. they are mostly exited. I have seen many people appreciating changes in their life. it’s not like that everyone hates it. This article was for people who fear change.

Ask yourself a question. Why is it this much hard? And find answers from others. Try to change your perspective on change. Try to see that from someone else’s eyes and realize what you lack seeing that.

I Would like to share what i do when this happens to me. When things are not in the place, our mind just thinks a lot. So, for instance let us take change as bothering factor. For Example i am so much comfortable with my comfort zone and i don’t want to let go. Very next moment i thing but my comfort zone is going away for a reason. Here, basically i am just thinking, i don’t want to think but, these thoughts are playing with y mind and i am not able to do anything.

In this scenario i would consider these thoughts as traffic. The traffic, from which i wanna make my path. So, we don’t pay attention to the traffic, so i wont pay attention to these thoughts. Eventually i will try to stay calm and make my path by being patient. Thinking this will make you feel little comfortable with that constant mind voice and also help you to find your way out from that terrific traffic of thought.

We should not allow a little External change to change us Internally.

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Happy Reading.

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