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Teenage Menstruation Cycle


Why is it that puberty for us young girls so much harder than what boys experience? I think they should at least get a with day cramps, bleeding, bloating, etc.

The Teenage Menstruation Cycle

Teenage Menstruation Cycle
Sally, Creepypasta. Drawing- Copyright © 2020 Emma Harvey

Hey girlies, For once, I thought maybe I should talk about something with which we are all familiar: our periods.

Haven’t we all asked ourselves, “…why is it that puberty for us girls is so much harder than boys…?” In a just world, I think — at the very least for one whole day— they should experience what we go through: cramps, bleeding, bloating, etc.

So here’s a question I have for you ladies, actually: Are you comfortable talking to anyone about this, or are you only comfortable talking about it around girls? The reason I ask this is because for me — I blame my parents — I could talk about it anywhere, with anyone.

My other question is, do you have a name for your period? I’m serious. I have named mine Martha. Don’t ask — I have no idea why I named her Martha; but that is the name that always reminds me of my period…the monster.

So how do we all deal with this monster? Well, we just do. Because we are girls and we are all powerful. Hell, we go through school, we go out; and even put in a full day of work, all while enduring immense pain and discomfort.

We power through for days on end, in abject misery; but a lot of times we simply don’t show it. It’s like our body is saying, “…you didn’t give me what I wanted, so I’m making you pay…”

Having your period can be different each time and it varies from person to person. Sometimes it can be heavy, while other times is light, or even medium. Sometimes, which I would die for — when mother nature is in a good mood — it doesn’t even bleed much at all.

But most of the time and for the majority of us, it’s full blown cramps, discomfort and just feeling sick…and of course, the burning desire to scratch someone’s eyes out!

Regardless of what our monster brings each month, each person is different and you should never be ashamed of it. Having a period is like a hall pass to be bitchy and cranky; because, damn it, you are bleeding and in pain. Just remember to remind people you still care and love them.

Lastly ASK FOR THE CHOCOLATE, It will help you! Same with heating pads and Midol!! These are all very helpful during your period.

So, to close out our chat, don’t be afraid to talk to people about your pains and worries — This is how we all learn.

Don’t be afraid to be cranky. If it happens, and someone wants to bitch at you because of it, just look them in the eyes and say, “…well, I’m sorry. Are you bleeding from your privates…?!” Then just watch as they cringe and flee in horror, while you laugh it off.

Hope you’re all good! Stay safe♥️

The drawing at the top is a drawing of a Creepypasta named Sally. I really enjoyed drawing this one one and hope to do a painting of her soon. She was drawn on a lined sheet of paper with a 0.7mm mechanical pencil.

Teenage Menstruation Cycle was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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A Trip to Chocolate Heaven

Photo by author

Could you imagine a world made of chocolate where you could touch, smell and eat chocolate? It would be a childhood dream come true! Guess what? We have found your dreams right in the heart of Prague and Barcelona! Here are two amazing chocolate museums you should visit while touring in these cities, no matter how old you are.

Chocolate Museum Vienna

Immerse yourself in the heavenly world, where everything revolves around cocoa and chocolate. The Chocolate Museum Vienna is a must-visit for chocolate lovers of all ages. Being a home to dozens of tasty attractions and programs, it offers a unique adventure to open up all of your senses and show you the magnificent beauty behind the chocolate making process. Here you will have a chance to:

  • Taste roasted cocoa beans and different chocolate types
  • Discover scrumptious sculptures made entirely of chocolate (e.g. Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI)
  • Find yourself in the homeland of the cocoa plant and learn about the ancient cultivators
  • Take part in interactive games
  • Get in for free if it’s your birthday
  • Attend a workshop and watch a chocolatier create delish masterpieces

To experience the history of chocolate, its present-day trade and marvel at huge chocolate statues, you just need to buy a ticket and head your way straight into the museum. Believe us, from the very first step you will be enchanted by the smell of this devilishly delicious and mouthwatering treat, so be cautious to stay sane.

The Barcelona Chocolate Museum

Experience a family-friendly journey into all things chocolate in the Barcelona Chocolate Museum, the city’s greatest choc-tastic cultural institution.

Here’s what the museum has to offer for the true chocoholics.

  • Discover some of the most elaborate chocolate designs in the world
  • Get acquainted with the old and new machines used in the manufacture of chocolate
  • Take part in a workshop and become a chocolatier for the day
  • Participate in competitions to see who can design the best chocolate
  • See the chocolate making process — from cocoa bean to chocolate bar

So, next time you are in Barcelona, do not hesitate to make your dreams come true. Take a trip to this museum and give your taste buds a pleasure of tasting chocolate!

The Barcelona Chocolate Museum

Explore the Chocolate World in 360 Degrees

For a real sense of how being in a chocolate world is, check out the stories and experiences offered on our virtual touring platform to discover the activities offered in these fascinating chocolate museums.

A Trip to Chocolate Heaven was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Chocolate Covered Chemicals

Chocolate monster no more.

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