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Our Mind seeks only Comfort

# 16 of 31 days of May SCWBI WEST Challenge-Prose Poem

Photo by Srikanta H. U on Unsplash

The idiomatic interpretation of sunset and sunrise

is a product of high yielding mind.

The sunset follows by the fall of night.

Nights were gloomy before the invention of electric bulb.

In our time, in the world, many cities are known for their night life.

For them, sunset is merrier than sunrise.

A prisoner counting the days of his imprisonment,

will never greet the sunrise as it brings

one more day of suppression and suffocation.

Often we look upon alternate phases of life,

as to complete a cycle,

a rise and a fall,

pale and hale,

lament and laugh.

The life is believed to be dynamic, and

not to accept stagnant phase of cycle.

Indeed, alternate phases make life spicy.

If you all the time eat sweet-

how long will you relish the same?

We all in a taste or habit accept the logic.

Can anyone of us accept a change

from comfort to misery —

from rise to fall —

from laughter to tears??

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