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Business Growth | Increased Profits

6 Strategies for Growing Your Business

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The Last Dance: my thoughts on watching the GOAT again

Everything ends badly, or else it wouldn’t end.

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When You Show Up, You Beat 99% of Your Competition

The game of success is all about attendance

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A Message From a Seeker

A Message From a Seeker

If there is one thing which is truly rare in this World it is an Adult that begins to wake up and turn back into a Human.

Rare is the TRUTH seeker.

If when you read the words Rare and feel this sense that this is something to be pleased about or good perhaps you should understand there is neither good nor bad in anything in this life.


A Message from a Seeker.

“Even the very best, the greatest super star, the most accomplished athletes and world renowned singers and actors of today.

They are but a hairs breadth away from the average man.

What I mean by this is, in any industry across the world those at the top almost all have one thing in common.

They all require the feedback from those who are below.

If they didn’t they’d have never known to stop. And what I mean by stop is, stopping to even consider that they were ‘the best’.

Cameron once pointed out to me that when Usian Bolt ran the 100m at his peak he’d always win. Scientists examined him, and what they found is astonishing.

Bolt would slow down as soon as he new he was ahead or ready to finish the race in front.

Even the worlds greatest 100m sprinter was at the absolute mercy of his competitors and spectators.

I watch professional fighters at the pinnacle, on ufc & boxing shows, the greatest MMA stars.

Not one of them has even come close to mastering his most revered weapon.

They are busy chasing status and belts, titles and hall of fame entries.

“I want to leave a legacy”

They say.

They have all bought into the same idea.

The idea that once they are the best they have arrived.

Which could be the greatest detriment to any champion that walks the earth.

The average civilian will sit in awe at his idol never realising he is as close to his idol as his idol him.

The finest line, runs between those who are considered elite and those of whom average.

The average keep the elite, elite. The elite keeps the average, average. Both playing thier roles and pulling the strings of each other’s destiny.



A Message From a Seeker was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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The Dark Side of Sport Is Not That Pretty

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