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A Mindset For Our Infinite Growth

We can’t wait for catharsis, it may never come

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The last two months represent a dramatic change in the course of our lives. It has been a traumatic experience for the whole planet, particularly some countries and their citizens suffered a great deal.

People are dying, businesses are collapsing, the uncertainty rules the world. Sometimes it seems like nobody knows what to do.

All around us we hear the constant invitations to contemplate, to utilize the time for personal and spiritual growth.

We have the moral obligation to use this global catharsis to level up our consciousness. While the world is standing still, we have to take the opportunity to move forward.

This logic is often applied both on the individual and collective levels. This is the wake-up call for the entire humanity — after we deal with the momentary crisis, we will initiate the change for the better.

We are ready to reject the inadequate behavior patterns and step up our game.

But is it like that?

Do we have a free pass to behave like irresponsible teenagers until some higher power slaps us over the fingers? Do we need a ruthless teacher to grow up?

The universe doesn’t work like that.

The externalities are an integral and highly influential part of our lives, but they are not the driving force.

If we frantically follow the established course, no external energy will be able to remove the blinders from our eyes.

The change always comes from within.

Look Within to Find the Answers

“Life goes on, unmindful of beginning, end…crisis or catharsis, moving forward like a slow, dusty caravan of nomads.” Khaled Hosseini

If you haven’t read Kiter Runner by Khaled Hosseini, I highly recommend you to do so. It will profoundly touch your soul.

The quote speaks volumes: the universe doesn’t wait until we put our shit together. The caravan keeps rolling at all costs.

I have lived through numerous occasions when my whole world was shaken to its foundations. Those meditative moments when I told myself, “This is it, I have truly hit the bottom. The only way is up.”

The life-threatening injury, ego-dissolving psychedelic sessions, career burnout, stressful breakup still haunting me to this date…or the pandemic of an extremely contagious virus from a global perspective.

The catharsis never comes.

No spiritual awakening, no bouncing from the bottom towards the unlimited skies.

In all of those cases, I tried to convince myself about the impeding inevitable change — every tiny action in my life will be in the best interest of myself and the people around me. I will stop being my worst enemy, no more throwing the sticks under my feet every chance I get.

I will do the things I know I should do to become the best version of myself.


There is no bottom. On a personal and global level, we can keep falling for eternity, or until we fall apart during the drop.

The other option is to intentionally change the course and start acting in our best interest.

After so many “this is it” moments, I sincerely don’t remember the exact occasion when I started to move my life in the desired direction. It doesn’t relate to a single moment, rather, it is a series of mindful decisions, a never ending process of doing the necessary stuff.

When we turn our attention inwards, we can turn the entire logic upside down — we can shoot towards the sky and beyond.

Let’s throw in another quote, shall we?

“When you want something, the whole universe conspires to help you.” Paulo Coelho

The most powerful transformation comes after we consciously apply our free will to change.

Our willpower and mindful decisions are the strongest forces known to humanity.

We don’t need shocking and shaking events to turn the tide of our destiny. The avalanche of changes can be triggered during the most mundane moments.

We shouldn’t count on external forces to rock our world. If we keep waiting for it, we can count our life away. Like the infamous Godot, the change may never come.

Our best chance is to intentionally initiate the process from within. Then, we can find out that the grand mage Paulo Coelho knows what he’s talking about.

A Pandemic of Possibility¹

The current state of global affairs is our wake-up call. This is the statement we hear all around us. We may even believe it is the case — the pandemic is the morning alarm summoning us for some deep work on ourselves.

Humanity certainly reached enormous levels of ignorance in plenty of ways — a broken relationship with mother nature, severe disconnection from our spirituality, or consumerism par excellence; these are the obvious ones.

As I already said, the pit is bottomless and there’s no guarantee we’ll hit the ground to bounce back from. We probably need that wake-up call.

But even without it we already have the necessary tools to fulfill the obligations we constantly avoid, to steer the development towards the bright future.

There are infinite potential realities. The stuff of your wildest dreams is possible and achievable. That includes the ultimate, rosiest, fairytale scenario when love rules everywhere.

Scenario when humanity doesn’t survive but thrives.

We don’t need to wait until the riders of apocalypse infiltrate the party and conjure even more pain and suffering. There is no need for such catharsis.

Starting right now, if we consciously and continuously do the things we know we should do, our initiative will be rewarded.

Then, there are no limits to our growth.

[1] I have used this subtitle as a homage to my role model Rich Roll and his fantastic podcast with the hero that is Zach Bush, MD.

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