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Hope in the Midst of Chaos

A confession on surviving in the post Covid-19 era

Photo by Bankim Desai on Unsplash

I, sometimes, wonder if I am in denial about the Corona pandemic, perhaps because I have been living in hibernation, way before it all happened. Unfortunately, one can’t help but panic, even if you avoid watching the news. I am in a trance where I am witnessing everything happening in the world, at the same time, I am accepting the pandemic spread within my being.

When you are involved in the world, you forget that the noise you hear, the chaos you see, is all a reflection of your inner world. There is nothing outside of you. This may sound gibberish to somebody who is practical and will clearly dismiss it, putting a label on the writer, while they’re at it.

Look within, you are the world. — Jiddu Krishnamurti

I am not enlightened, nor a fool. I am neither a Saint or Satan. What I am, is in the making. I can’t fit myself in an image, although the world expects to see you in one piece. You have to pretend in this theatre, known as life. I used to feel guilty of existing until I realised that the creation is God’s escape from His darkness. “Let there be Light!”, He commanded, and it was!

I cannot change the world, but I can make you see it from my lens.

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