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Literature-less Civilization!

Development Devoid of Literary Taste buds!

Photo by: JJ Shev on Unsplash

I do not believe when it is said that the world has made revolutionary technological progress during the last twenty years. If we closely look into it, we will find that the foundation stone of today’s progress was laid down centuries ago. Recent development is simply reaping the benefits of centuries long efforts.

The scientific work being done now a days is all based on the same principles which we have been learning and following since long. Researches being carried out following the same route which has been conveyed to us in the form of different theories by our peers.The earlier works of the Muslim world descended to the later Western development provided all what we are witnessing today all around us.

Lets take the matter of medicines. Same centuries long discovered method of increasing immunity is being applied in the treatment of Corona pandemic. The ultimate approach is to prepare a vaccine to inhibit Corona spread which has been an old method tackled exclusively by Louis Pasture. The basic mechanical inventions like that of invention of wheel has enabled man to proceed. Development in the digital field is not something that we can own today. Nothing is ours. When we start a research, we follow the same guidelines and principles which have been proved again and again. We cannot deviate ourselves from the set path of our ancestors scientists.

Lets come to another aspect. The development of science as a result of strenuous efforts of centuries led the humanity from the darkness of ignorance to the path of enlightenment. Disastrous aspects of the scientific progress were far less than at present. We call this age, ‘age of progress and prosperity’ and then we say that this progress has brought a lot of mayhem for the humanity. What is this development!

It is said that the innovations of last more or less twenty years are tremendous and matchless. Then we say that world has not been the same which was last twenty years ago. Then we blame latest developments like evolution of technology like smart phone, social media, and change in our life style like eating habits, relationships etc.

There was a strong belief that Corona will put a halt to the increasing devastations. What happened then? Lock down is eased in many countries and havoc is done. Littering, creating mess around, jam packed bazaars and beaches, violation of social distancing etc. can be seen all over the world. The developed nations, under developed nations and the developing nations all doing the same. Solemn people are stunned and appalled. They cannot do any thing but witness havoc in their neighbourhood.

Photo published in by Anna Lois Taylor

We have an easy access to all kinds of motivational lessons. We learn inspirational quotes daily. We listen to the motivational speakers off and on. We share philosophies a number of time a day. We try to search the way to success adopted by successful people. Then why such attitude?

I have my own mind on this. One may differ. We lack training. Training brings civilization and civilization can be brought about by Literature. I think modern so called civilization lacks love of literature. Literature shapes lives. The earlier scientific developments I have quoted above were accompanied by strong basis of literature. No era of scientific development was without an established history of prominent literature. Lets have a look at the progress of Europe through the Renaissance era. Europe started to witness enlightenment in the field of science extensively and there was a side by side development of literature as well. The scientific developments were accompanied with strong literary influence. That’s why despite enormous and extensive incidents of unrest in the world, there was an urge of refinement.

Literature played a vital role in creating hope and optimism among people. People found a way of Catharsis. They developed critical attitudes. Belligerent countries and eternal rivals became friends. Peace flourished. People loved literature. They used to come to theatres. A lot of domestic budget and pocket money was kept aside for the literary works.

Then came this so called recent smart development which snatched the soul of progress i.e. the love of literature. People now love to scroll things and spend their precious time on social media. Poetry, fiction, novel are struggling for their existence. Philosophy is dying. People are more interested in ‘Breaking News’. They spend their money on the material in which they hope to find a quick way to success. ‘How to become a millionaire’, ‘Top ten secrets of success’, Five habits of successful people’ etc etc is the trend. A thing of more than ‘2 min read’ has become an arduous task.

Literature brings harmony, balanced thought, calmness, ability to focus, proportional way of living. Literature helps you understand the world around you. Most important, it brings refinement in the character. We can explore more planets in the universe. We can convert traditional life style into a digital one. We can find trace of water on Mars. We can reach any where but we can not access a civilized world without literature.

From the Game of Thrones to the Game of Views!

Literature-less Civilization! was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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From the Game of Thrones to the Game of Views!

Contemporary Exhibition of Pope’s The Rape of the Lock!


Social media’s progress is like ‘The Rape of the Lock’ to me. Its an unending race to get maximum views by this way or that way. Students should not indulge themselves in the game of number of views instead they should focus on their studies, quest and try to win venturesome future ‘Game of Thrones’.

I have seen a number of students who want to earn quickly and open a youtube channel like stuff and try odd things to get maximum views. They are not professionals obviously and they behave drastically. They upload some cheap, ordinary stuff and deceive viewers to increase traffic on their videos. In such attempts, they even try to execute some perilous tasks like taking selfies on dangerous spots and lose their lives. Even if such students run their channels successfully and get maximum views for their videos, they cannot concentrate on their studies and lose their precious phase of a student life.

Youtube channels and uploading of videos on social media like links have made it possible even for a lay man to expose their worth and earn respectably. But as there is no criterion for success on such forums except to get maximum views, it is nothing but futile in a broader sense.

I challenge, if someone wants to access some really rare creative stuff on such forums, one will have to move around Mars at least seven times and still there is no surety of his success. It’s like searching for a diamond from a huge bin of litter. When views matter, there will be simply ‘the rapes of the locks’. The situation was comparatively better some years back, but now a days you have to submerge yourself fully into this ‘Ocean Futile’. So, click is the creativity.

Photo by Fachy Marín on Unsplash

Real people have been left with no real worth. They just watch helplessly absurdities growing up and creating huge round of wealth. Real creativity has become worthless and number of viewers for such activities are less than those who smartly capture people’s attention towards their so called achievements. This is disparaging, disgusting and discouraging for creative people all around. One may visit any social media page and watch youtube top videos, the ultimate result will be simply embarrassment and 2020 vivid description Alexander Pope’s masterpiece poem ‘The Rape of the Lock’.

How things will get better, don’t know. How creativity will come up on the surface and get desired attention , seems almost impossible to me. We are going into the depths of ignorance day by day. I believe, respect to real creativity can give us a last chance to recover. For this we have to redefine creativity, respect and success. If only securing maximum ‘views’ continue to remain desired creativity, then we all should search and reserve our ‘locks’ for the nearest future use.

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From the Game of Thrones to the Game of Views! was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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The Voice of the Profile

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

“Drop the Speech”

Norbert released a video on his social networks, of which he should not publish, of ideas that should not be shown. Soon he received messages from all his profiles, messages of injury, support, thanks and hatred.

He learned to focus on his own achievements, to focus his energy and his thoughts on the good things, the good things of Norbert, who was now Norbert the “influencer”, who before that was Norbert the influenced, all this fluency that happened Norbert’s influence.

One of these days he was recognized at the door of a convenience store, a young man who must have been in his twenties, smiled and brandished when he saw Norbert, asked to get close, then a photo to post on the network. “People like this are what the world needs, who exposes the truth, donates to those who hurt,” a tribute posted in the photo, a portrait of a new world for Norbert.

He came to think that in the world that was created, as he was conditioned to think, he would never be discovered, he would never be what he should be, what he was born to be. It was gaining visibility, a thousand, ten thousand, a hundred thousand, suddenly, a million following Norberto, who now had a weekly program published on his networks and Norbert became known as “Drop the Speech” after his weekly program.

Norbert, who delivered pamphlets from his mother’s jewelry store at the age of 13 in the Center, who skipped class to play video games at the video store, who stole the little brothers’ yogurts in the fridge, who got low grades at school a lifetime, who took a lifetime dating, who took time to work, who took time to look in the mirror and see someone other than himself. Now it was “Drop the Speech”, listened to by more than a million followers, someone who speaks without shame, swears, imitates, exposes all the horrors of the dirty world that created and creates Norbert’s.

Still only Norberto, he had just graduated in law, spent the last year shaving, almost staying in civil law, dated Valeria, daughter of the owner of the Van who took them to college, tried for the third time a doctorate degree, divided the room with his middle brother, was well overweight, was part of a group that played table RPGs every Saturday afternoon, read fantasy books and pretended to work in the jewelry store. This was only until there was a “Drop the Speech”.

“Drop the Speech” was spontaneous, genuine, narcissistic, had the speech and the way of people who for a long time ignored their own existence. “Drop the Speech” didn’t need a contest, didn’t date, had a penthouse apartment just for him, didn’t share a room during the week, lost 20 kg with the help of his personal trainer, read books by Carvalho de Oliveira, posted motivational videos and he played tennis with Mauricio, his lawyer. Every 15 or 20 days he will visit his parents’ house for a Sunday lunch.

And for every million subscribers, there are a million people who also want to speak, who also want to be more than just ears.

The Voice of the Profile was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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