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The Youngster and His Crowd

He’d found his audience. But could he keep it?

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Something in the Dark

A poem about darkness.

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The Jockey

As a mind jockey, he can only describe the electric pulse of activating his probe implant as “Better than sex.”

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A chilling 100-word story…

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‘Everything Will Be Alright’ is a Myth.

Stop saying the famous phrase, ‘Everything will be alright’ in hard times and if can’t stop then start saying, ‘Everything will be worse soon’ in merry times too.

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When my time jumped off the cliff,
when every moment of my life tripped.
They claimed, ‘Everything will be alright,
and every piece will fall at the right site.’

They happened to be telling the truth.
Cause with time, I declared my truce.
Life came back to a smooth track,
and it felt like I never nothing lack.

But soon after, it happened again.
everything slips from my palm like sand.
They claimed the ‘famous phrase’,
& it turned out to be right again.

By the time passed, I realized
there’s a vicious cycle of good and bad.
Alike earth, Life is also round;
that’s why ‘what goes around comes around’.

Nothing sustains for long, forever.
Not only the light follows the dark,
But also light’s being followed by dark;

like day before night and night after day.

Cause life is a stage of the drama, my mate.
Concept, story, and plot remain the same,
the only difference will be in the face;
but one can never escape any phase.

Therefore, next time when they try to blindfold.
Just remember the history tend to repeat,
if there’s bad, good will be arriving soon;
and if there’s good, be ready for the doom.

‘Put your oxygen mask on first, before helping others’.
It’s a journey of thousands plight before the crash.
Hope for the best and prepare for the blue.
Cause life happens to all, not to the few.

‘Everything Will Be Alright’ is a Myth. was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Dishonest Misery

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Cauldron Of The Plaid

The Gulf of Corryvreckan calls

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All that is Nothing

A traumatic and evil part of life

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If only we could prevent misery from starting.

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