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There ought better be a beacon

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Purge Her Darkness

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Somewhere In Between

Holding my Breath. Idling.

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A Midsummer’s Night Scream

No sleep of reason within reach
turbulent seas sloshing about
it’s a blood moon mocking
a diviner’s oak
a broken altar
a broken promise…

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A Night With A Lion:

A lost boy gets in a deadly lion’s den.

Photo on pexels

The way to the Woods, but still he was going on ahead. Jake who was eight years old Lost boy, trying to find the way home.

It was a dark night, he was crying and walking in the Woods. Suddenly, the rain started and the dark night turned into a stormy night.

The fast blowing wind and the rain started dominating the woods. Jack started running deeper and deeper in the woods to find a shelter to stay. Within minutes he found a cave, and rushed in and sat on a corner shivering like a scared little animal.

He was totally soaked and freezing.

When he was looking around the cave he found a dead animal just right next to him. As he saw blood rushing out of the animal’s neck he jumped backward and screamed.

It was a deer, a fresh dead deer, it seemed like the cave belonged to a deadly animal.

Jack was very scared, he thought about leaving the cave, but it was pouring outside. So, he decided to stay in the cave until the rain stops.

In the twinkling of an eye, he saw a shadow of an animal outside the cave. The shadow was getting bigger and bigger, his eyes wide opened when he saw a gigantic lion coming in. He stood up with his feet trembling, as the lion saw the boy he opened his bloody mouth and started walking slowly towards the boy.

Jack was out of breath when he saw the deadly lion with blood all around his mouth. The lion was getting nearer and nearer. The boy sat down looking at his feet shaking by fear. The lion roared and said, ”what are you doing here?” The boy got surprised to see an animal speaking, his voice was so loud.

He became even more scared to see the lion speaking. “You can speak?” asked the boy with a scared voice. “I said what are you doing here” the lion roared. Jack started crying and said, “I am lost, I don’t know where to go.”

The lion was so much angry on that little boy. “Get out of here before I eat you up!” the lion said angrily. Then the boy stood up, crying and slowly started leaving the cave. “Wait, it is dangerous outside in the jungle at nights.” Said the lion with a calm voice. There was a little pity in lion’s face.

The boy didn’t stop and kept going. “I said stop,” the lion roared loudly. The boy’s body shook after hearing that loud scary voice, and then came back in. He sat on the other side of the den looking at the lion. The lion did not say anything and sat.

There was a silence for a moment.

The boy spoke, “How can you speak? You are an animal.” The lion did not answer. The boy asked again, “Why didn’t you eat me?”

The lion moved a little bit. “I don’t eat humans.” Said the lion.

“Look! The rain stopped, I think I should leave now.” The boy said with a low voice.

As the boy stood up and went a few steps, the lion spoke, “Wait, I told you it’s dangerous at nights, you can stay here for the night. ”

The boy thought that maybe the lion would eat him if he stayed, but then again he thought, if the lion wanted to eat me, he would have done it before.

Jack went inside and said, “I am thirsty, I want to drink water.” The lion said, “There is a lake just some yards from here.”

The boy was afraid to go alone outside to drink water. Said the lion, “Ok, I will lead you there, come with me.” They started going towards the lack. The boy was so scared and looking around with total fear.

They arrived at the lake, and the boy drank water. After drinking water they took their way back to the den. Suddenly, they heard something behind a bush. “Stay behind me.” Said the lion.

Something just jumped on the lion and the lion fell down. . It was a tiger who came to eat the boy. The lion attacked the tiger and roared, they started fighting each other.

The boy hid behind a tree watching those two animals earger to kill each other.

He was so afraid and crying. The tiger didn’t get the chance to eat the boy, so he left. “Lets go! Boy.” said the lion.

They went in the cave, the lion was bleeding a little bit from his face, it was scratched by the tiger.

The lion went to sleep, and said, “Now sleep, leave tomorrow in the morning.” The boy laid down, and slept.

The sun rose up, and when the boy woke up he saw the lion was not there in the cave. So, he decided to go and find the way home. As he was walking, he heard something from behind, it was the same lion from the cave.

“Where are you going? Its not the way to the main road.” Said the lion. The boy did not know where to go, so the lion led him to a road where the boy could see someone.

They reached at a road, and stayed for a car to pass by. “Ok, I am leaving now before some comes. “the lion said.

“Thank you for saving my life.” the boy said with a happiness in his face.

The lion went in the jungle. After some moment a cop vehicle came and stopped. “Oh on! you are the one we got the missing report.” The cop said. Then the boy got in the car and left for home after passing a terrible night in the jungle.

A Night With A Lion: was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Stars Twinkling

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The Dance Between Darkness and Light

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I Just Want To Scream.

I’m stuck in between.

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Heaven Let Your Light Shine Down

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