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Why a Data Analyst or a Data Scientist wont survive a job cut

Why a Data Analyst or a Data Scientist won’t Survive a Job Cut

Will a data analyst or data scientist really survive layoff?

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With increasing chaos caused by the coronavirus on a day-to-day basis, we have already seen the effect of it on our economy. Employees are being fired with or without notice, with or without pay, and much worse within a 3-minutes call.

Though layoffs have become common during the pandemic, it is also important to note that layoffs are not being carried out everywhere or in every domain.

This really made me think how would a Data Analysts or Data Scientists (DADS) really survive a job cut? Will he/she be able to survive or not?

Disclaimer: I am being very specific here and want to focus only on the DADS. This may or may not be applicable in case you do not fall into the assumption I am going to make in this article.

Now, before I begin highlighting the reasons for how a job-cut may impact DADS, let me throw some light on other developers’ jobs as it might interest us and also lets us compare them with DADS. A common thing among the developers like a Java Developer, a Web developer, an android developer, etc is the output. They are capable of producing a ‘Product’ as an output whereas DADS are capable of using a product to develop a solution. And these are two different things.

Assumption: Can DADS survive just like the developers who develop a product?

What this means is, if a data analyst is required to generate a report from a dataset, he or she would use any reporting tool to do so. Both the dataset and the reporting tool are from the organization and the entire solution is in turn delivered to the organization. The same may apply to data scientists also in most of the cases if they use tools like R, Python, or anything similar for delivering a solution.

In such cases, DADS are skilled and their skills are being used to get the better out of the organization’s data. They are, to a greater extent, unlike other developers who are not capable of producing a product. And hence they have less possibility of survival outside an organization or away from a job.

Though DADS can survive with a freelance career, that’s really hard considering an uncertain income, job openings, and other competition you might have. I am a data scientist myself and I have found myself hard to find a career or constant income from freelancing. You might want to establish yourself first in this area or maybe get some projects from some of your friends or network to start with.

So a data analyst or a data scientist may not survive a layoff because he or she is always depending on other tools, organization and hence has to always have a job in hand.

Which in turn brings me to another point which I would like to stress at this moment and having said all the above. Do not depend on just a few tools like R, Python, Tableau, Qlik, or Power BI or anything for that matter. All you have to do is upgrade your skill-set for a variety of tasks and roles. Sticking to a single product/tool is like having limited options and could really be dangerous considering the current situation.

But don’t you worry, no matter what the situation is, what this or any pandemic/situation may throw at us,

Until there is data, Data Analysts and Data Scientists can survive

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