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Maa I loved you

Little lines I wish Maa could understand.

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Second Chances

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In Memory of The Gazelle

A Father’s Day Tribute

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Glamorous Masked Beauties

Generational Mosaic — Mother, Daughters, Sisters in Haiku

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Kind, Smart, & Important

My daughter through my eyes

Photo by Daria Obymaha from Pexels

You are kind in ways that go on for days

You stop to see what is wrong when another child cries

You have a gentle smile and reflective blue eyes

You share even your favorite toys with other kids

You are honest and, even went it’s tempting, rarely tell fibs

You help pick up your mess when the day is done

To me, you are second to none

You are kind

You are curious and smart, where do I start

You know your letters, numbers, and colors

You love to dance and sing with others

You examine new places with such intrigue

You explore and persist until feeling utter fatigue

You would rather play outside over any old toy

To me, you are a source of such joy

You are smart

You are important and have my highest endorsement

You leave quite an impression on those you meet

You giggle and give warm hugs that are such a treat

You don’t know it yet, but your potential is endless

You have an intuition at an early age that leaves me breathless

You are empathetic and reflective in your own way

To me, you will change the world someday

You are important

As you grow, life will challenge these notions. Look inside and know you are these things and more. Today, tomorrow, and forever, it is you who I will always adore.

Kind, Smart, & Important was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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A Tribute To Piper Bella Cook

Into This World She’s Come

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A Love Letter to Mom

Lessons for the Rest of Us to Use in our Daily Life

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My Daughter wrote this……

Yesterday, I was having a cup of tea after I had finished my office work. My 7 yr daughter came to me and asked if I am ready to play with…

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