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While You Can

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Hidden Secrets of Forgotten Dreams

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Sometimes The Words Just Don’t

The days when poetry’s not your friend

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O Perfect Love Despairing

O Imperfect Love Despairing


Photo by DAVIDCOHEN on Unsplash


LOVE !!!. I was told you were a beautiful thing
Butterflies, sunflowers and blue skies
Endless, fruitful and full
Rapid heartbeats, kisses and passionate nights

But alas, tis but a lie
You are a deceitful wretch come to steal the joy of youthful love and flee
To set the heart and flesh on fire without reprieve
Then cast down and stomp on it with glee

A thief — That is what you are
Your trail of broken, hardened hearts trails behind you
An almost numberless numb throng
An army of despaired souls cursing the day they crossed your path

But alas you wicked soul continue on your conquering quest
The next doe-eyed lass and puberty stricken lad
You scheme and plan till your deed is done
Then wring your hands in an evil triumphant laugh

Oh!! Love !! Had I known, I would never have opened my heart to you
You set on fire then remove the coals
You fan the embers then withdraw the life flame
You work the furnace then close the shop

You look on as winter sets in
The cold ice hardens the heart
Devoid of warmth, it’s beat slows down
A numbing pulse all that is left
Why Love? Why do you cherish the anguish of suffering souls?
Love-lost children, you leave us alone
Alas, you didn’t tell us that the power to sustain was beyond us
A power so great it demands us

We strive and strive and fall and fail
O!! hearts of men — is this suffering quest worth our blood and sweat?
Should we not accept defeat and reclaim our lot?

And declare that love has won
Love — the mighty one has won again

© Imabong Faminu

Originally published at on November 14, 2016.

O Perfect Love Despairing was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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