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Importance of keeping a personal notebook.

A notebook is writing material used every day by a lot of people, especially students, either at the elementary level or tertiary level to…

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An Entry a Week to keep you Strong.

Lessons from a personal experience of keeping a journal

Well. Honest-to-god. Who still keeps a personal journal?
Of course it can be such a pain to sit at the end of the day to pen down one’s thoughts.
Neither do we have the time nor do we have the patience to settle down and collate our thoughts and write them.
There are umpteen number of benefits of keeping a diary and we would realise them only when we keep one.

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Here are some of the advantages I have personally experienced:

1.) Diary is Therapy

After a grueling day it can come as a welcome relief to vent out your frustrations harmlessly. Just having a medium that facilitates the verbal expression of emotions can be a real blessing.
I have found days on which I suffered from the in-vogue “heavy-heart disease”. And I’d just sit and pour and pour out my feelings onto the paper. And at the end of the writing marathon, I’d surprisingly find myself at ease.
It even acts as a tranquilliser.
Trouble getting sleep?

It’s recommended by psychologists that writing down your thoughts when unable to sleep, can calm down your mind.

Need a productive avenue to let off some steam?
Your journal has got you covered.

2.) You get lucidity on matters that matter

Verbalizing stuff has that special power to give you a clarity on subjects. When a rough idea is transcribed onto a paper the idea becomes a a bit more lucid in one’s mind.
You need to self-introspect to know yourself better.

When you start thinking about your thoughts, you get to know your thinking process completely and you rediscover your “you-ness” more.


3.) You become a better writer

Now, diary ain’t just about letting off steam. It is also about penning your ideas. And doing it in a read-worthy way. Many a time I concentrate on making the language appear beautiful by using rich language while writing, rather than plainly recording stuff. This could be time consuming, and also unnecessary, but it helps in improving one’s writing skill, which counts a lot.

In the course of time, you might just discover the amateur writer in you.

And you could venture into other avenues of content writing.
And personally, I’ve observed myself grow from writing about my dinner menu at a restaurant to my describing my innermost feelings and even translating them into poems.

4.) And the joy of Nostalgia!

Imagine the feeling of revisiting your old diaries after a couple of years. What joy would that be? Reading your old diaries much later on gives you a guided tour down the memory lane. And the guide? Your former self.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

It’d be like you having a tête-à-tête with the younger you. You can observe your evolution as a writer and as a person from your writing. And mind you, you grow everyday, whether you notice it or not.

This is from my experience from keeping a personal diary from the past two years. It’s been such a boon. So. I’d recommend to those writers who don’t already keep a diary to do so.

Thanks for dropping by.

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