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Colored Salaries — Post Digital Currency

Colored Salaries — Post Digital Currency

In the period between 2030 and 2033 you will receive this message on your phone and you have to be prepared for it (everyone must deposit all cash in banks to convert them into digital currency before the end of this year, all banknotes are canceled and inalienable after this date).

There will be strong opposition from different groups in society for boycotting this decision, and many theories will spread to explain the reasons and goals for this change, several groups will not deposit money as a form of objection, pressure, and reluctance. But at the end of the year, when the digital currency is activated as the only currency allowed, these people will realize that their money is worthless and will not be accepted commercially, they are bankrupt can’t buy anything. They will demand with panic to extend the deposit period for a few weeks to transfer their money to the digital currency … and that will be.

First stage: your salary is yours, and you are free to use it

This inevitable shift is the ultimate goal of most of the world’s governments to monitor and document all financial transactions in buying and selling and calculating fees, taxes or customs accurately without any evasion by citizens and companies. The real wealth of all of us will be known to the system and fully documented with all its flows. There is no place to deposit your money except in the digital system which is completely controlled by the government, the concept of cash will disappear… and now the new forbidden borders that you can’t cross shall be formed and you need to be prepared for it.

Gradually, after everyone entered this digital corridor, colored salaries will appear as a new concept, and the barter system will be revived as a spontaneous response.

Colored salaries as a guarantee for countries to stimulate and protect their local economy is to divide the net monthly and annual income of individuals and companies into categories (colors) that are pre-conditioned. The monthly salary will be divided into colors in varying proportions and each color can be used within a specific framework. The first color, and we will choose it here, WHITE, which is transcontinental, and includes all subsequent colors, and as a citizen you can buy (locally or internationally) goods and services in most countries of the world, and it will be the color of international trade and purchase via the Internet and global platforms. Followed by the BLUE color and it is that part of your income that you can only use locally within the borders of the country of income to support the local economy and this color will be a guarantor of cash flows within the country’s economy and its main driver. Next is the GREEN color, which is the part of your salary in which you can buy homemade products only within the borders of the country of income, and this color will be the first line of defense to protect national industry. BROWN color is a geographically defined color within the borders of the country to support a specific region and ensure the access of cash flows to it, for example the government specifies certain tourism, agricultural or rural pockets in brown color to compel all citizens to spend part of their income within it. YELLOW color is specified for a certain category of very small shops, groceries and restaurants with limited access and income within the borders of the country to ensure they stand up in front of the massive tides of malls, huge restaurant chains and international brands. The RED color is a temporary color that appears to support a specific sector or direct a specific policy for a specific period, for example allocating a portion of the companies income to adopt clean energy or allocating a portion of the income to local tourism in times of recession or low seasons.

Second stage: your salary is yours and you are free to use it … within pre-defined options by the government

The simplified explanation of the colored salaries is that your monthly salary is equivalent to 1,000 digital dollars, for example 300 dollars will be WHITE, you can buy anything in your country or from any country via the internet. 300 BLUE dollars you can buy any product or service within the borders of your country, 200 dollars are GREEN to buy homemade products only within the country, 100 dollars are BROWN to buy whatever your need from rural areas (you spend BROWN dollars with your family and friends during the weekends in the countryside). 100 YELLOW dollars you can buy whatever you like from the small grocery, shop or local restaurant in your neighborhood. And the red dollar will appear in certain seasons will remain to achieve certain policies.

Labor-Importing countries will maintain a large percentage of the labor monthly salaries, forcing it to be re-injected locally in a compulsory manner, which will make a significant decrease in the remittances to the labor-exporting countries.

Strict digital monitoring of monetary transactions within the country and across continents will pose a threat to income for some countries, organizations and groups black listed in the international community. The era of cash has ended, even at the level of a citizen who wish to support a particular association or organization and that will raise to the surface the oldest commercial system known to mankind … Barter

Adhere, or cash flow will be withheld at a click of a button

It will force everyone who wants to play out of tune encroaching upon the digital system to do so by bartering goods by goods and services by services, which will not be done easily. You need to own desirable commodities to trade with others, and the oil will not be among those commodities at that time having this acceleration towards renewable energy sources, advanced energy storage technology and electric vehicles. The supply and financing chain will be risky and will be limited only to goods and services that are allowed to be traded digitally to be bartered at the end of the chain. This will not be feasible in most cases, and the digital currency will indirectly put pressure to neutralize countries and organizations within the blacklists until they fade or accept the standards of the international community.

Despite the loss of absolute freedom to use your money, the concept of colored salaries will constitute the last opportunity for countries to support their economy and distribute the income of citizens and residents in ways that support the local industry and its development. The digital economy and digital globalization will crush everything small, countries need to protect resources and citizens by ensuring their access to financial transactions in one way (color) or another.

Final stage: your salary is yours and you are free to use it within pre-defined options by the government, when you adhere.

What is not manufactured and planted within the borders of your country may be difficult to buy in the future, this fear of the new reality which can be suddenly applied at a click of a button will require everyone to follow the international system and its laws and adhere to it literally as a prelude to a unified global system in which the borders that we know now will disappear to start a new type of virtual borders.

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