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The Voice of the Profile

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

“Drop the Speech”

Norbert released a video on his social networks, of which he should not publish, of ideas that should not be shown. Soon he received messages from all his profiles, messages of injury, support, thanks and hatred.

He learned to focus on his own achievements, to focus his energy and his thoughts on the good things, the good things of Norbert, who was now Norbert the “influencer”, who before that was Norbert the influenced, all this fluency that happened Norbert’s influence.

One of these days he was recognized at the door of a convenience store, a young man who must have been in his twenties, smiled and brandished when he saw Norbert, asked to get close, then a photo to post on the network. “People like this are what the world needs, who exposes the truth, donates to those who hurt,” a tribute posted in the photo, a portrait of a new world for Norbert.

He came to think that in the world that was created, as he was conditioned to think, he would never be discovered, he would never be what he should be, what he was born to be. It was gaining visibility, a thousand, ten thousand, a hundred thousand, suddenly, a million following Norberto, who now had a weekly program published on his networks and Norbert became known as “Drop the Speech” after his weekly program.

Norbert, who delivered pamphlets from his mother’s jewelry store at the age of 13 in the Center, who skipped class to play video games at the video store, who stole the little brothers’ yogurts in the fridge, who got low grades at school a lifetime, who took a lifetime dating, who took time to work, who took time to look in the mirror and see someone other than himself. Now it was “Drop the Speech”, listened to by more than a million followers, someone who speaks without shame, swears, imitates, exposes all the horrors of the dirty world that created and creates Norbert’s.

Still only Norberto, he had just graduated in law, spent the last year shaving, almost staying in civil law, dated Valeria, daughter of the owner of the Van who took them to college, tried for the third time a doctorate degree, divided the room with his middle brother, was well overweight, was part of a group that played table RPGs every Saturday afternoon, read fantasy books and pretended to work in the jewelry store. This was only until there was a “Drop the Speech”.

“Drop the Speech” was spontaneous, genuine, narcissistic, had the speech and the way of people who for a long time ignored their own existence. “Drop the Speech” didn’t need a contest, didn’t date, had a penthouse apartment just for him, didn’t share a room during the week, lost 20 kg with the help of his personal trainer, read books by Carvalho de Oliveira, posted motivational videos and he played tennis with Mauricio, his lawyer. Every 15 or 20 days he will visit his parents’ house for a Sunday lunch.

And for every million subscribers, there are a million people who also want to speak, who also want to be more than just ears.

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