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Distance in Time

To my dear friend, until we meet again.

Lusaje-Canon 2000D-Cork, Ireland

Have you ever wanted something you’ve never had, with the same intensity as if it’s the greatest thing you’ve ever lost?

Such few words. Moments, seldom and far between.

The sound of a voice, painted in pretty pictures, Polluting my mind.

Memories of dreams, built by my own design, filling the air I breathe. Choking me with the anticipation of the moments in time, unrecognisable to those we fill our lives with.

Time that is truly relative. Time that takes your breath away. Time that fills your lungs with an inspired energy, that is rarely realised of pure intention. But rather, it is born of an action that bred a reaction.

For when the early morning rain pierces the mirrored facade and the clouds gaze upon the ripples in awe of the depths they reach.

We don’t feel so far apart after all.

Lusaje-Canon 2000D-Cork, Ireland

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