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Are Humans Domesticated By Animals?

Humans domestication versus animals domestication.

Throughout our lives, we have always thought that our ancestors domesticated animals to be consumed or to help them do chores. But have you ever thought about it from another perspective?

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Let’s go back to the past. The first known survival activity of human beings in the past is foraging and hunting. Our ancestors search for wild fruits, plants, animals to be consumed. That was the first way of surviving in the past. Over the years, humans started to shift to domesticating animals.

A lot of people will say that people are getting smarter because they figure out how to domesticate animals which will give them a massive supply of food. But the truth is that, instead of domesticating animals, they are being domesticated by the animals. How so?

As mentioned above, human beings used to hunt and forage to gain food. They moved from one place to another. But as they invented animals domestication, they themselves had to settle down. Ancient people in the past moved around a lot. They stayed in a place for a while until the resources were fully used, then moved to another place in search of new resources. When moving around, they avoided carrying a lot of things, so they only brought along a few useful and valuable things. Now with the domestication of animals, they obviously needed to settle down, because it became too difficult to carry along animals. Now, this is the start of humans domestication.

Humans had to alter their lifestyles from moving around to settling down. Then, to raise the animals, they dedicated a huge amount of time to care for the animals. Fun fact is that farmers have less leisure time than hunters-foragers. Another change had happened, they needed to work extra time to survive. So because of these animals, they started to live “domestically”, building things, working their ass off. So the question is, who exactly is being domesticated? Humans or animals? Or perhaps, both?

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