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Suellen Estes for Illumination

Let Me Introduce Myself…

My Husband and Myself — on the Square in Kiev, Ukraine

One thing is for certain…If you live long enough, you will have an abundance of stories.

And I have lived long enough.

I have been a School Teacher, a Piano Teacher, a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, a Shop Owner, a City Coucilwoman, a Minister, a Speaker, and more recently a Blogger, an Author, and a Writing and Publishing Coach.

I grew up on the coast of Georgia, and have lived in Texas, California, New York, Mississippi, and now the Atlanta area.

All of these titles and places have stories of their own, so I won’t overload this intro.

However, let’s just say that there are lots of stories. Some enticing. Others rather boring…

I will also say that Jesus Christ, and my family are the most significant. My husband, Mickey, is a Chemist and has had a career in industry doing various things. He is also a Minister.

And so am I. A Minister, that is, not a chemist.

We have a very active, loving bunch of individuals for a family. Four married children, fourteen grandchildren, and one great grandchild.

Are you ready to see what that looks like?

Our family on vacation last year…

That’s multiplication for you!

It’s a reminder of how our followers and our distribution can multiply when we continue with our writing. Exponential growth.

After pastoring a church iin North Mississippi for 23 years, we transitioned to the Atlanta area a few years ago. Now we are doing mission work. Mostly in Eastern Europe.

I am also a writer.

I now have more than 20 books available in paperback and on Kindle at

My writing is primarily Christian inspirational, but I also write about other topics. Writing, Blogging, Marketing Online, Photography, Health and Wellness.

I know that there are other authors who are like I was. They want to write books, but think that it is too difficult. Actually, with today’s technology, it’s easier than you might think.

That’s why a major thrust for me is courses for would-be authors, teaching them to publish their books. My signature training course and several smaller packages can be found here:

My books are available at

A very special thanks to Dr. Mehmet Yildiz for establishing Illumination. It’s an awesome place to read stories and meet new people.

Jeff Herring and Tim Mauldin recommended the site to me. (Jeff leads a terrific Master Mind Group — Results Now Mastermind).

I look forward to lots of great reading!!

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