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Searching for Peace Always?

Let’s understand where we lost it

Photo by Martin Brechtl on Unsplash

“How to live in peace?”

You may have read and listened to so much advice for this ubiquitous question.

Do not compare yourself with others” is a piece of advice. “If you are satisfied with existing possessions, you can live in peace” is another advice. “Peace is certain if you submit your life to God” is another one.

All right. But how to implement it? Many times, none of the suggestions work for us.

If you are not angry, the peace of mind is sure…

Well, how not to become angry?

When you are angry, count the numbers …

No matter how long I count, there is no peace!

Think of your loved ones when you are angry…

My anger itself was because of them!

When you feel angry, leave that place for some time…

“Yes, I want to leave. But my manager may take it offensively!”

“The leaves of this tree do not sprout, the flowers do not blossom”.
To heal that tree, nothing needs to be done for the flowers and branches. It may be simply watering the roots. And it is the same for our life.

Is there a solution to all our suffering in life? If done right, will there be a way out of everything that makes us sad in life? Where is that solution? When will it be available?

It’s here, right now, at this moment!

The Power of Now

Photo by Martin Brechtl on Unsplash

At a time when I lost my peace due to a personal situation, I came across a book recommended by a friend. It is “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. Within just a few pages of reading and following the steps outlined in it, I felt great peace of mind. The smallest realization of what I have read is given below.

When the mind dwells in the past, it comes to a conclusion about the people, places, and circumstances that are thought to be the cause of bitter experiences in life. Thus the mind becomes judgmental and loses its peace. The mind that jumps from the past to the future, oscillates between a strong hope of “tomorrow will be good” and a strong fear of “what tomorrow will be.”

The bitter memories that lead to the loss of peace come from the remnants of the past. The hope for happiness or the fear of uncertainty is towards an imaginary future that has not come to our reality yet.

Our life is not in the past and the future. Life happens in the present. Life is nothing but what we experience at this moment. Everything else is memories from the past or our imagination about the future. So when our whole attention is focused on this moment, we experience life as it is. We suffer when we refuse to accept the truth of the current moment. Whoever does not deny this moment, accepts life as such. In eastern spiritual philosophy, this is called “Surrender”.

I still have moments where I lose peace. But I recover from it much quicker than before.

It is not wrong to fall down. But, it is important how fast you rise again.

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