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Why and how to protect our endangered animals.?

Why and how to protect our endangered animals?

Last white male rhino, SUDAN, died in KENYA due to poor health, at the age of 45.

Photo by AJ Robbie on unsplash

Man suffers from a distorted complex. He always considers animals as inferior beings just fit for their use and exploitation. Man has been using domestic and wildlife for selfish needs. Many animal lovers join together to form the society for prevention of cruelty to animals and saving them. Many societies have been working for the welfare of animals since long.

Do you know what is their objective?

The only objective is to bring the change in attitude of the people concerning the care of animals. It is quite sad that animals continue to be ill treated and guild often. Many people almost around 15% of the human have a belief that animals are their property, they miss use and torture them accordingly. 50% of the people exploit animals for just selfish needs. Horses and oxen are used to transport, getting loads and in agricultural activities.

Photo By G.Lodhia

Dogs, cats, birds are kept in a zoo just for entertainment.Wild Animals like elephants, tigers, lions and deer are victims of entertainment and fun. Animals are treated in the zoos for aerobic exercises. Very least number of people really think about them. The government and the animal lovers must work together to bring a change in the attitude of the people. Animals should not be killed for fun or for any type of financial gains they should be treated with kindness, care and sympathy. Harm to animals is an illegal punishment and should be practiced strictly.

Our future depends on nature, but we are not doing much to protect our life. Pollution has caused toxic air in our cities, and farming has been affected the most .But if we don’t look after nature, nature can’t look after us.

Some measures to take to protect the endangered species .

  • Create awareness about endangered species in our country.
  • Protect the places where they are living.
  • Make your home environment wildlife friendly.
  • Reduce your use of water in your home and garden so that animals that live in or near water can have a chance of living.
  • Attract bees and butterflies which can help pollinate your plants.
  • Try some other alternatives for Herbicides and pesticides.
  • Drive slow, keep and watch for wildlife.
  • Use recycled products to slow down the cutting of trees.
  • Donot buy products made from endangered species or animals about to get extinct.
  • Donot kill animals unnecessarily.
  • Protect all the animals.

Many organisations have saved many animals from getting extinct.

Some saved endangered ones are below:

Peregrine falcon

Peregrine falcons are large birds, known for their speed.

Mallorcan midwife toad

Mallorcan midwife toads are one of the smallest toads in the world with an unusual way of raising their young.

Sea otter

Sea otters are a keystone species which means they play an important role in keeping the balance of coastal ecosystems around northern and eastern North Pacific Ocean.

Fen orchid

Found in just a handful of sites in the UK, the fen orchid is one of the most endangered wildflowers in Europe.

Blue whale

Blue whales are the largest animals ever to exist.

Island night lizard

These medium-sized reptiles only live on a few islands off the coast of southern California. Unusual for lizards, they give birth to live young instead of laying eggs.

Rodrigues fruit bat

Rodrigues fruit bats once lived on multiple islands in the Indian Ocean, but they are now confined to Rodrigues.

Fisher’s estuarine

Fisher’s estuarine moths are extremely rare because they require a highly specialised environment.

Pygmy Rwandan water lily

The smallest water lily in the world once lived around a thermal hot spring in Mashyuza, Rwanda.

Shortnose sturgeon

The shortnose sturgeon is a prehistoric fish as old as dinosaurs.

The take away:

I hope we get spared from all the manmade and naturally occurring problems and it can only happen if we all follow some rules of living .

Thanks a million for being with me.

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