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Thinking About Forever

A poem about the meaning of love, life, faith and eternity.

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Infinity unbound

Infinity unbound

Locked within our heart.

The power to create all worlds

And destroy them in an instant.

A Being not of our doing

Waiting to come to Life.

To know without knowing

And to love without trying,

There lies our being,

Beyond all signs and appearances.

The voice that speaks no word

Resonates through the universe

It blesses all who sit to listen

And see without looking.

Not a voice, not a word,

No utterance is more full

Than the silence that fills all things.

No shape, no form,

It contains everything,

And everything contains it from within.

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Unsplash

Pure creativity and perfect potentiality,

Its power is beyond measure.

Through meekness and selflessness,

All might and re-membering is revealed.

Unveiled by ignorance itself,

Made whole by our unquenchable thirst,

All extremes show their true colours,

And pour into the ocean of Mind.

Infinity within,

Infinity without,

We are in each other,

And through each other,

And yet are born to die

Without one another.

Locked within our heart

You and I live forever

Forever young and forever old.

The universe dwells there to be seen

And tasted beyond measure.

But before we part, may we accept and pray

That come what may, we shall always know

That this infinity unbound

Was never locked away.

Photo by Mika on Unsplash

Infinity unbound was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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