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Bad Bye

Rejoiceful — funeral

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Understand. Love.

No one is born evil. No one.

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balance business ethics evil morality

Finding Balance in Our Lives

While learning along the way

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evil fairy-tale love spirituality writing-prompts

Fairytale Ending

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evil free-verse men poem poetry

Paradoxical Unity is Universal Truth

Evil and virtue are man’s classification.

Photo by Stephanie LeBlanc on Unsplash

Evil-evil what is an Evil?

Evil in mind, Evil in words

Mind creates, expands, spreads- evil

Man defines Evil

Nature finds no Evil

Evil for one but virtue for another

No virtue, no evil

Virtue recognizes Evil

Darkness introduces the light

No high without low

No pity without cruelty

No truth without lies

No life without death

Paradoxical Unity!!

Lies beauty in diversity not in uniformity

Evolves creativity out of contrasting thought

Allows Nature nothing without engraved wisdom

Tiniest, tallest,tenderest and toughest

Softest and strongest all

Exist in peace and order

Nature nurtures desires with no classification

Evil and Virtue man’s classification

To serve a purpose at a time

Paradoxical Unity is Universal Truth was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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change evil horror justice life-lessons

The Evil Within Our Society

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blacklivesmatter evil justice murder racism

My Book Review For Blood At The Root, By Patrick Phillips

Racial Injustice brought to light.

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evil horror justice poem


The fires of Hell consume the evil ones.

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evil fiction horror justice poem

Ghoulie Lady

Evil ones receive what they deserve.

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evil libraries poem spiritual writing

Library To Hell

The keys that Lori taps are skewed,

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