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Fire Forgiveness

What Does “Independence” Day Mean to Americans in 2020?

Thank you, CJ, for this image from PIxabay.

So in sorry.
Use to excuse.
Supreme power,
lust and miscues.

Lack in black.

Ho of pono.
Gr aces grace.
Abs for solving
let’s us efface.

His in story.
Her heresy.
Pass the pastimes
so carefully.

NOTE: This poem was built upon these words, and the words contained therein:

Sorry. Excuse. Black. Ho’oponopono. Grace. Absolve. History. Heresy. Past.

A holiday to celebrate independence in 2020 must take on fresh, new meaning as infirm, old boundaries dissolve, change, and resolve into better ways of spelling and sentencing.

Please let the “om”
in freed
om’s ring
release the “be”
of li

“I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I thank you. I love you.” ~Ho’oponopono

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