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2 Most Important Exercises That You Are Not Doing Properly To Get That Right Body.


Eating and Sleeping are the two exercises that we often overlook during the physical transformation. I will explain their importance through logic and Science !

Photo by Meghan Holmes on Unsplash

Okay! You heard from me about mental health and Psychology in my other article, but today I want to solve a problem very close to you. I know you are hitting the gym, sweating it out like hell with those burpees but alas, you are not getting the desired results from your hard work! So, throughout this article, I am going to walk you through the two most important exercises that you are missing out on. Oh, you thought about spider push-ups or military exercises? No, no! Just eat and sleep rightly, my friend! I know you are surprised but hang on tight to know more!

Food? Don’t start again. I just want to eat!

You might think that I am some kind of crazy to talk about food which will help you achieve that perfect physique. While the best advice is to eat less, but I beg to differ. I will tell you to eat right. Here are some magic formulas to correct your diet:

  1. Calorie In Should Be Less Than Calorie Out.

It is like the trial balance of the body. Consume your food depending on how much you work throughout the day. There is no point in having that double cheeseburger if you are just sitting at home during coronavirus and doing nothing. Our physical activities give us the license to eat. The more intense work you do, the more you are eligible to eat. So, keep that calorie intake as low possible, else those calories are going to haunt you back as FAT!

2. Eat Your Food At The Right Time.

The saying “Timing Is Everything” is perfect for food I must say. There are two best ways to get the timing right; you can break your daily consumption into smaller meals, or you can stop eating after sunset. The first way is very easy to understand, you get to keep your stomach full the whole day, keep your hunger in check and eventually avoid overeating. But I especially love the second way. Just do not eat after sunset. I complete my dinner right after sunset and go to intermittent fasting mode. Intermittent fasting is not eating anything, except water, between dinner and breakfast.

Therefore, if you can eat early and have 10 to 12 hours of gap it is super effective for your gut to process that food and get ready for that delicious breakfast in the morning. Trust me you will enjoy your breakfast more when you have that gap 10-hour gap!

3. Eat The Right Food.

Let me get it right, I am no nutritionist neither do you have to be one. You just need to understand your body’s intelligence and eat accordingly. Some common ideas like eating a balanced diet, having more vegetables than non-veg or carbohydrates, are all perfectly fine to follow. However, I personally suggest people monitor their protein intake, because they are the building blocks of your muscles. If you are stretching and pushing those muscles hard, you need protein to rebuild them and make it stronger. Take this as a bonus, the more muscles you have around your body, the faster you cut those fat around them. Muscles are like Thanos, they kill those fats automatically when they get stronger! I know bad analogy, HUH.

Sleeping will get me abs? Are you kidding?

Yes, another thing that you do every day but I can bet most of you are doing it wrong. Here is my take on sleep to get a proper physique:

  1. Get That Sleep Time Right.

“But, Mr.Mahir I sleep 8 hours every day you know?”

Well, did you tell me the whole story? Which part of the day are those 8 hours? Do not tell me that you go to sleep at 4 am in the morning and then boasting of that 8-hour sleep!

Respect the circadian cycle mate. Our body is naturally tuned to sleep after sunset, but that is not the norm in today’s life. We have Netflix, youtube, and what not to keep our body and mind at work even during those hours when they are supposed to sleep. The best sleep timing I found is from 10 am to 6 am, the earlier the better it is. Getting the sleep at the right time gives you that optimal recovery of your body after exercising and eating. Having more hours to sleep has no point to ensure recovery, but having those hours in the circadian cycle definitely boost the recovery.

One of my daily practice is to stop my work right after sunset. I have my dinner and then go to the hibernating mode. I mostly keep my mind light, so that my body can understand that it is time to rest and it can slowly progress towards sleep. For me this is perfect!

2. Metabolism And The Sugar Ghost.

Sleep keeps our metabolism fine-tuned. You will be surprised to know that the gut releases double the amount of sugar to the blood from the same amount of food if you do not sleep adequately. Now, do you see why no matter how hard you exercise, yet you are not getting that desired result? The science is simple, if you are not sleeping enough your body automatically secretes more sugar than it is supposed to do and eventually makes you insulin resistant in the long run!

This is why sleep has a HUGE impact on your transformation process. It not only build that physique but also keeps it healthy.

I hope now you see how you thought eating and sleeping is so inconsequential to our health, but it is actually the opposite. I cannot stress it enough, but solutions to our problems lie in the simplest aspects of our lives. If you can fix these two exercises(eating and sleeping) along with your gym regime, believe me, you will be able to reach your targets in the fastest way. I wrote these pieces of advice for all age groups and it is applicable for all of them. Needless to say that these are fundamentals that we regularly forget when we hunt for a healthy life. If you need further clarification on any of the concepts mentioned above just write to me in the comment section and I will be there as your savior!

Good luck with your physical journey and cheers to life! Do not forget to follow me, clap and share if you like my article, that’s charity ❤

To have a glimpse of my current physique, you can visit my tweet in this link: My Physique

2 Most Important Exercises That You Are Not Doing Properly To Get That Right Body. was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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50 Most Important Benefits Of Exercise

Photo by John arano on Unsplash

It’s never too late to start with better life habits . You can start doing exercise right now and it can keep your body fit both physically, mentally and emotionally.

So here are the benefits :-

1. reduce risk of heart diseases.

2.Improves mental health and keep you mentally stable.

3.Controls weight gain.

4.Improves sleep.

5.makes you more active daily.

6. Helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels.

7. Strengths your bones and muscles.

8. Your learning , thinking, judgement skills becomes sharp.

9. Improves your ability to do daily activities.

10. Increases your lifetime.

11. Helps to overcome depression.

12. Reduces anxiety.

13. Helps to boost energy.

14. It helps to look your body physically fit.

15. Reduce stress.

16. Increases attention span.

17. Improves sexual Health.

18. Improves multi-tasking and planning.

19. Boost your brain health.

20. Improves your memory.

21. Flights against dementia.

22. Reduces risk of falls in older adults.

23. It helps you to socialise.

24. Helps to maintain immune health.

25.Detoxifies the body.

26. Oxygenate body.

27.Reduces risk of cancers especially breast, colon,utrine cancers.

28. Helps to quit smoking.

29. Maintains mobility.

30. It can reduce pain in some extent.

31. Improves appetite.

32. Improves skin health.

33. Lowers blood pressure levels.

34. It can make you to feel happy.

35. It helps you to relax.

36. Better flexibility.

37. Improves quality of life.

38. It helps you to focus.

39. Gives you self-confidence.

40. Improves self-esteem.

41. Enhance cognitive function.

42. Improves learning.

43. Prevent illness.

44. Helps in utilising time effectively.

45. Maintains emotional stability.

46. Lessens fatigue.

47. Improves balance and coordination.

48. Increases sports performance.

49. Prevents osteoporosis.

50. Helps to maintain self-control.

50 Most Important Benefits Of Exercise was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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